Fixing Leaks


While one of the best benefits to cloth is that it most often prevents the disastrous blow-outs that disposables often create, almost all cloth diapering parents encounter leaks at some point in their journey. Most often, leaks occur at the beginning when inserts aren’t fully prepped or the fit of the diaper needs adjusting. However, later in the game, the changing output of baby’s urine can require more absorbency, and if the diapers aren’t getting cleaned properly, they can become impaired by build up, which can prevent proper or full absorption.

If you need help trouble shooting leaks…

Use our Prezi presentation and flow chart here.

**Quick note about Prezi: if you are viewing from a desktop/laptop you should have no problem viewing the chart as a presentation or as a full frame where you can zoom around and look at what you want. If you are viewing from your phone, you will get the easiest and best viewing experience by first downloading their free app “Prezi Viewer” by Prezi, inc. Simply viewing it from the browser in your phone is not as user friendly, but the info is still there. It just doesn’t allow for you to pan around and doesn’t have as smooth of transitions.**

By following the flow chart, you can figure out why you may be getting leaks and how to fix it. There are even several of our great YouTube videos embedded in the presentation to help adjust fit on newborns and on smaller rise settings.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.35.36 PM


If you’re still having trouble…

Please ask for help by either emailing me at or by asking one of our #lalabyemamas over in the Facebook Lalabye Baby Chat group. We look forward to helping you!


5 thoughts on “Fixing Leaks

  1. I couldn’t figure out why baby girl was leaking so much lately, but then I tried undoing the last ride snaps and problem was solved! I can’t believe she is getting so big! 😭


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