Summer Fun with Lalabye Baby

The weather is steadily getting warmer, and we all know what that means: water play!


Whether you’re at the beach, the pool, or your own backyard, Lalabye Baby makes it easy to allow your little ones to play in the water without the fear of a messy accident!

Because a swim diaper is meant to contain fecal matter only (not urine) you can use your Lalabye Baby cloth diaper shells…

At the Beach


Salt water and fresh water won’t hurt your Lalabye Baby Cloth Diapers. To use one as a swim diaper, simply remove the inserts and use just the shell! The shell will keep any code brown messes from escaping into the ecosystem without weighing down your little one in the water the way a traditional disposable diaper would. Plus, you can wash and reuse that shell day after day on vacation! No need to spend money on a disposable swim diaper that you’re going to throw away in a few hours. 😉


**Special note: it is important that you rinse your diaper shell out after use to prevent sand and other microscopic creatures/bacteria from salt/fresh water from hanging out in the diaper.


Sand can become embedded in the fibers of the diaper the same way they can in bathing suits. Rinsing thoroughly after use helps with this.


At the Pool


Chlorinated water that is safe enough to touch your baby’s skin is certainly safe to make contact with your baby’s diapers! However, be sure to rinse the diaper shell thoroughly after use before washing to prevent the chlorine from hanging out in the diaper and causing damage to the fabric. Some customers say they choose specific diapers to designate as their “swim diapers”. Any older diapers that are beginning to show signs of wear and tear (like delamination) are still perfectly usable for swim diapers, too!


In Your Backyard


Water tables, kiddie pools, sprinklers, the list goes on! There are tons of ways for your baby/toddler to engage in water play right in your own backyard. Allow them to play without being weighed down by a soaked insert by letting them play in just the diaper shell.The other huge benefit to using a Lalabye Baby diaper shell as a swim diaper is that you don’t have to size up every year because the shell will fit from birth to potty training (approximately 8-35 lbs)!


Hose water is not going to hurt the diaper fabric. When baby is done playing, simply rinse out any sand/grass/dirt and then throw it in the pail to wash!


Have a wonderful time getting out and playing in the water this summer!


**Lalabye Baby is not responsible for any damage incurred when using our cloth diapers for purposes other than toileting.**


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