NEW Products + NEW Solid in 2022!

Stocking THIS Friday January 14 at 12 pm CST on ONLY!

Our luxurious Lalabye Baby Bamboo Terry Cloth Wipes are perfect for diaper duty or cleaning messy hands and faces! Made of the same absorbent bamboo terry as our signature Lalabye Baby cloth diaper inserts and lalalu fitted, our wipes come in a set of six for $12. Generous 8 x 8 inches square, double ply, absorbs and cleans up messes with little fuss and no waste, machine washable, reusable, soft on delicate parts, sturdy enough to get the job done. Image shows a stack of soft, bamboo cloth wipes with bright aqua surging along the edges.
Poop happens! Make cleanup easier with liners! Easier to clean feces from diapers. Highly breathable. Perfect for sensitive babies. Eco-friendly. 100% bamboo fiber made from sustainable resources. Compostable and biodegradable. The image shows a cloth diaper laid open and flat on a textured pillowy white background. Laying off to the left side is a roll of white disposable bamboo liners. There is another roll open and sitting on top of the back end of the open diaper with the liner sheet pulled down and covering the whole of the diaper's middle up to the front to show the coverage and size.
Lalabye Baby Bamboo Flat boosts absorbency without the bulk. 
60% more absorbent than cotton and dries 20% faster. Machine washable. 2 layers (6 layers when tri-folded). Naturally antibacterial, anti-allergenic, and biodegradable. breathable. silky soft. The image shows a soft, cream colored bamboo rectangle of fabric both flat and one is trifolded.
Lalabye Baby LalaPods. double layered, interior white lining, snap handle, zipper closure, store diapers and more, holds 10 diapers, washable, reusable, travels easily, multi-use! Image shows a diaper pod wetbag with snap handle and white zippered closure. The fabric of the diaper pod is a bright aqua, Lalabye Baby's signature color: Merrily Merrily. The wetbag is shaped like a rectangular prism, with the zipper coming across the longest way on the top of one of the sides. The snap handle is at one of the shorter flat ends of the prism.
Lalabye Baby Just Enough wet bag. A vertical, one pocket wetbag perfect for taking just enough of what you need most on the go! Image shows a green wetbag featuring woodland animals. The wetbag has a snap handle on the right hand side and has a white zipper closure across the top. Colorful wooden toys are spilling from the wetbag onto the white background beside it.

And our first release of 2022, a brand NEW solid: Misty Sea (LE)!

A beautiful caucasian baby around 6 months old with grey eyes, curly brown hair, cherub cheeks, and pink lips lays against a soft white blanketed background. The baby wears a crisp white long sleeved shirt and the new Misty Sea cloth diaper. The color is a deep, gemstone teal: vibrant and luxuriously looking. The diaper has silver snaps.

New products and this limited edition teal, Misty Sea, will ONLY be available at Quantities are limited, so shop early for best availability!

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