Getting the Best Fit

In our Facebook group Lalabye Baby cloth diaper chat & more, we get asked all the time:

“How can I get the best fit?”

Behold! We give you an awesome graphic for new moms and cloth diapering pros alike on how to get a great fit with Lalabye Baby one size cloth diapers. So share it with baby’s other caregivers! Pin it! Save it! Link to it when you see someone needs some help with fit! We hope this helps!


how to fit lalabye baby cloth diapers(1)

Things to look out for:

  • The waist should not be so tight that baby looks uncomfortable when he is sitting up nor loose enough that wetness can wick from the top.
  • “Underwear lines” are normal and expected, but red/angry/uncomfortable marks are not! If this is happening, you can do one or a combination of a few things depending on where the marks are occurring- let out the rise snaps by one,  move the hip snap to the next color out on one or both sides, or snap the top and bottom wing snaps onto different colors (for example: top on green, bottom on yellow).
  • Make sure inserts are tucked into the diaper if you’re using it as an all-in-two. If the insert is poking out of the leg elastic, it may wick wetness onto baby’s clothes/surroundings.
  • If you haven’t seen our other post regarding fit, make sure you check it out so you can make sure you’re following this simple trick to achieve a very trim fit!

Keep in mind:

Lalabye Baby one size cloth diapers fit best from 8-35 lbs or as we often say, “from birth to potty training.” Because of this, we sometimes get questions like, “My child is only 11 months and we are already almost on the last rise setting! Will these diapers truly last until he’s ready to potty train?” The answer is: most likely! Babies tend to chunk up at first and then slim down once they begin walking and running (and climbing and jumping)! It is completely normal for a baby’s diaper fit to change to a larger setting and sometimes then back to a smaller one. Conversely, some babies stay on the same setting for what feels like forever before they move up a size or have the need to let out a rise. Every baby is different!

If you need additional help, feel free to join our chat group and ask for a “Fit Check, please!” so our seasoned chat members and Lalabye Mamas can help you out!

4 thoughts on “Getting the Best Fit

  1. Getting a good fit is what I struggle with most! And prevents me from using more often, but I just need to keep trying to see what works


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