Anticipating A Baby in Cloth

We are expecting our second son any day now, and I’ve been nesting like a crazy person setting up diapering supplies ALL over the house and even in the car. I thought I’d give you a quick tour of how we are anticipating our newest baby in cloth in case you too are feeling like a momma bird who needs to “fluff” up her nest.



On our first floor we have a pack and play set up with a changer and a bassinet and one Steralite three drawer system filled with cloth diapers and supplies. Once he outgrows the changer, I simply remove it and clear a space in the top of the pack’n’play and continue to do diaper changes there.

I have a removable changing pad secured over the changer and an additional changing pad laid on top for quick removal in case our son goes rogue with his bodily fluids during a diaper change.

Next to the changer, I have an open (key word there for circulation and to eliminate smell- open) trash can with a pail liner (but a large wet bag hanging from the side of the pack’n’play would work as well) and then a drawer system with my spray bottle of water and box of cloth wipes all set up to pop up as I need them setting on top…


…and my son’s diapers in the first drawer, all sized down to the smallest rise setting.


In the second drawer down, I have my new coconut oil stick and cloth diaper safe ointment stick that I liked to use on my first son before long naps and bedtime. Remember, you cannot use the same stick on multiple kids- no cross contamination! Thankfully, I’ve found these things last forever- I’ve been using the same one on my three year old since birth, and it’s still not gone (although we do use it sparingly). I also have extra cloth wipes, disposable wipes, fleece liners, and wipe bit samples (for if I ever get around to using them because we usually just use water in our spray bottle).


In the bottom drawer, I have extra pail liners and anything I might need to throw in the diaper bag or grab on the run, like to-go sized wet bags (I’m obsessed) and to-go wipe containers.


In the drawer system next to it, I have bibs for my toddler (yes, we still use bibs because he’s messy, doesn’t mind them, and I don’t care to waste time cleaning stains from his clothes), extra changing pad covers, and towels and wash cloths (we often bathe baby in the kitchen sink in his Bloomin’ Bath for the first few months).



In the nursery, I have an old executive wooden filing cabinet turned dresser that has two HUGE deep drawers. In the bottom drawer are baby’s clothes, but up top are extra changing pad covers, swaddles, sleep sacks, extra “other” diapers I can’t let go of, prefolds, snappis, covers, extra inserts including bamboo, hemp, and stay-dry bamboo inserts, burp cloths, and other miscellaneous things.

On the wall in Closetmaid mini-cube organizers I have my my son’s cloth diaper stash– newborn size on the left and one-size in the rest. I also bought this neat battery operated/light sensitive mountable light from IKEA to mount under the organizer to provide adequate but not harsh light at night for late night diaper changes.  (Check out this post on varied ways to store your Lalabyes!)

In these mesh 1-2-3 IKEA storage boxes and on top of this IKEA bookshelf, I have our spray bottle of water, box of pop-up cloth wipes, disposable wipes, cloth diaper safe ointment stick, quick outfit changes, nail clippers, and hair brush (as if this kid will need it- Lucas was mostly bald until like 2). In the bins on the shelves, I have  fleece liners and disposable liners, a bin of swaddling blankets, my carriers, and a bin of other random baby things like disposable liners, wash clothes, and extra towels.


I also have extra pail liners for changing out the open pail on the far right and more wetbags (I told you, I’m obsessed- they’re good for everything).



In the car, I keep an emergency wet/dry bag with a small sealed container of disposable wipes, two diapers, my mini cloth diaper safe ointment stick, a changing pad, and an extra outfit.


Diaper Bag

I keep extra diapers, wipes, a wet bag, a changing pad, and extra clothes (for me, my toddler, and the baby) and a swaddle blanket in my diaper bag.


What about you? Anyone else nesting and setting up diaper stations all over kingdom come? Just me?

~ #lalabyemama Kristen

Show us your diaper set up or how you’re preparing for your baby in cloth over on our Facebook page in the comments where we’ve shared the link to this post!

Stay tuned next week for a post on how to pack a diaper bag for two in cloth written by our very own #lalabyemama Emily!


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