Ain’t No Party Like A Lalabye Party!

A first birthday party is a momentous occasion for parents and baby. It celebrates surviving infancy and moving forward into the world of toddlerhood. For many, it’s also a great time to display those Lalabye Baby diapers for all to see!
Cloth diapers are easy to coordinate to your party theme or colors… some even base their entire party on a particular print! For my daughter’s first birthday, we chose to base all the colors off of my two favorite solids, Little Miss Muffet and Merrily Merrily.


I loved walking through the party store and fabric store holding up my diapers to find the perfect matches to plates, decorations, and the outfit I would make her.


I even chose to have her Merrily Merrily embroidered with her monogram to have as a keepsake when she potty trains (as a reminder, snap changes and embroidery void warranties). I already have ideas swirling around in my head for her second birthday party based on my favorite print!

One of the most frequent questions we get about smash cakes is:

Will the frosting stain the diaper shell?


In general, you are safe to let your little go to town on that cake. You will need to immediately remove the diaper and rinse the shell either by hand (a great time to use your Spraypal shield) or throw it in a quick warm wash. Most icings are made with vegetable shortening and or butter, so you’ll need to use warm water to melt the icing and really get it to rinse out of the diaper shell. If you happen to have any persnickety spots, you can refer to this post about getting out stains.


So have fun, let your little make a mess, wash it, and then whenever you put that diaper on again, your mind will be filled with sweet memories of their birthday!

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Have you done a smash cake or party with your

Lalabye Baby diapers?

Comment below and tell us what you did for your little one’s special day! Be sure to join our chat group on Facebook and share with us there, too!

Today’s post was written by #Lalabyemama Kim S. Thanks, Kim!


Thank you to all our Lalabye fans who shared photos of their Lalabye babies with us!



Thank you, also, to Jacee Beck Photography, Jenn Erikson Photography, and GFB Photography.



2 thoughts on “Ain’t No Party Like A Lalabye Party!

  1. I might already be getting a wee bit excited and started to plan Raeya’s first birthday bash & cake smash (June 10th)! I plan to have a “You are my Sunshine” themed party and smash, wearing Sunshine of course, and hoping to score Little Miss Muphet by then as well! A girl can dream, right?! 💕💕


  2. My little one is turning one in April. I am so excited to do cake smash photos with our Lalabye Diapers. We are considering using Into The Woods, to go with a woodland critters theme!


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