A Kaleidoscope of Colors!

Multicolored cloth diaper displays a print made up of a geometric design featuring triangles in aubergine (dark purple), seafoam, teal, lime green, neon orange, and neon pink. The design has a spray painted and tie dyed kind of texture to it.
Kaleidoscope (2022) first released in 2016 as part of The Geo Collection

If you’ve been a Lalabye fan for some time, you probably recognize Kaleidoscope. This print first released in 2016 as part of The Geo Collection and sold out in minutes. It was only made in one size diapers at the time. Now, with this re-release, you can get Kaleidoscope in all of the Lalabye Baby products!

Graphic displaying all the products available in Kaleidoscope print including One Size 2 in 1 cloth diaper, cloth diaper cover, newborn size cloth diaper, cloth trainer, five sizes of wet/dry bags, a changing mat, and a bib.
*Please note that the Just Enough bag is NEW and only available at LalabyeBaby.com at this time.

Kaleidoscope is a gorgeously vibrant, linear geometric pattern featuring triangles with spray-painted neons colors in fuchsia, mint, teal, chartreuse, & coral against a deep aubergine background. Reminiscent of the 80s, the drippy paint runs, and bright colors make this print stunning for both boys and girls!

Graphic featuring on the right side: the nameplate of the design-the name Kaleidoscope written vertically in black ink and a triangle filled with the print design to the left of the name. On the left side of the graphic is an image of a caucasian toddler girl wearing a neon pink bow, tshirt, and a Kaleidoscope print one size diaper. She is smiling and in the midst of running with her hands outstretched by her side.

🕶The word kaleidoscope means, “a constantly changing pattern or sequence of objects or elements.” As you’ll find with this print, your eyes naturally move throughout the pattern to see the constant change of color among the triangular shapes that span across the fabric.

As always, once this run of Kaleidoscope is gone, it’s gone for good! We don’t run a print more than twice! So shop now for best selection!

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