How to Finish Cloth Diapering

Dear Parent-of-an-Older-Toddler,

You’ve become stashified (meaning you’re completely satisfied with your cloth diaper stash) and your littlest (and last) one is starting to edge out of toddlerhood and into the realm of being a big kid soon. You know that potty training is coming, but you’re pretending like you don’t see the signs. You pretend you don’t see them waking up dry and feign deafness at their comments about the potty when they wet because frankly, potty training is a pain in the fluffy tush, and you’re just not ready to say goodbye to cloth diapers. I get it. I do.


When you’re not having to worry about the cost for each change of diaper, it’s a lot harder to care how long they are in diapers. It’s almost easier than going full bore on the potty training front and letting them run naked and potentially ruin furniture or require several stops in the day during errands to run to the bathroom. But you know that when they are ready, it is time. And I’m sorry.


I know that you’re sad to see your last baby shift from needing you for even their basic needs to a self-sufficient, independence-demanding kid. The fact that most kids tend to give up everything that makes them feel like a baby to you around the same time makes it even harder to take that last step by starting potty training. No more bottles or binkies, no more footed pajamas or sleep sacks, no more cribs or onesies, and no more diapers. It’s a hard transition for everyone, but I feel like it hits moms hardest, especially when it’s the last time you have to say goodbye to these things- a goodbye to this stage of life.


But when it is time, it is time, and we are here to help you finish your journey and prepare for moving forward to the blissful days of never having to spray poop out of a diaper again, days of one less load of laundry, days of less to pack in your diaper bag (or not needing to carry a diaper bag at all)! We know the future is bright and things will feel better soon, but we know it’s hard to wrap your mind around what to do next, too.


The nice thing about cloth is that you can sell the diapers you’re done with that are still in fine fettle and use the others for other uses. Also, most parents tend to keep one or two diapers that were favorites as keepsakes for their children, sometimes having them embroidered or painted with special meaning before storing them away for good. Anything you don’t sell can be donated unless it’s really in bad shape, then it can be tossed.

What to do when you’re done cloth diapering:


  1. Give your diapers a nice deep cleaning by using Mighty Bubbles or RLR to remove any build up and get them super clean. Then, sun your diapers to remove any stains and to provide extra sanitizing power. Make sure diapers are 100% dry.
  2. Set aside one or two of your favorites as keepsakes if you like.
  3. Set aside one to have on hand for times of illness/long car rides when you may want a little extra protection from potty accidents.
  4. Inspect your diapers for damage, holes, or scratches.
    • Any shell that isn’t functioning can be sold as a swim diaper.
    • Any inserts that are starting to really show their age and overuse can be set aside to use as cleaning cloths around the house or tossed.
    • Any diapers that need repairs (broken snaps, relaxed elastics, popped seams) can be donated to Jake’s Diapers, where they will repair the diapers and send them to be used for children in need.
  5. Sell the rest of your gently used but still fully working conditioned diapers on the Lalabye Baby BST at great prices to help newer moms build their Lalabye Stashes.


Thank you for choosing to be a Lalabye Baby customer all this time. We appreciate you more than you know. Without you, we wouldn’t have grown the way we have. Without you, we wouldn’t exist!


The same goes for your child. She appreciates you too, even if she can’t say it well just yet. Thank you for giving her such a comfortable and cute start in life by choosing cloth; her tush appreciates it, too! Whether you cloth diapered part time or full time, you rock, and we applaud your efforts!

Goodbye, friend! Be sure to let us know how you are from time to time. We’ll miss you!


One thought on “How to Finish Cloth Diapering

  1. Such a range of emotions reading this blog post! It has never hit me this hard, but here we are with my last baby and it is such a bittersweet stage.


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