Out of This World with MacRae Naturals

Lalabye Baby’s newest Limited Edition print is truly Out of This World! We know this release has been long awaited by Lalabye fans, who have called out for a space themed diaper since Fluff Madness of 2017, so we decided to make it an even bigger celebration by teaming up with MacRae Naturals to provide you with a chance to win the diaper for free AND a MacRae Baltic amber necklace for your baby in the Colton design, which coordinates beautifully with our new diaper print: Out of This World!


Out of This World is an incredibly varied, large scale print. What does that mean? Do you remember our Seven Seas print from a few years ago? Remember how there was SUCH a huge variation in placement of the vast array of sea creatures on each diaper that it was very hard to find two that looked exactly the same, almost to the point where it sometimes looked like it was it’s own print altogether? That is EXACTLY what we have done with Out of This World.


There is incredible variance in placement of the myriad of space creatures, astronauts, space crafts, stars, planets, eclipses, spiral galaxies, and nebula present in the print. There are outlines of elements and solidly filled-in elements and beautiful hazes of color floating over the black night sky that makes up the background of the diaper, and the large swaths of color in the spiral galaxies make each diaper look and feel unique!


Likewise, MacRae Naturals, a small mom-owned business also located here in Houston, Texas, makes a huge variety of Baltic Amber and Healing Crystal necklaces for both children and adults with stunning pops of color. The necklace you see in the photo above that coordinates so beautifully with the bright bursts of color in Out of This World is called the Colton.


“Colton is made with a mix of raw black, green, honey, and lemon Baltic amber with blue and green accents. It is strung on blue string. Each necklace has a safety screw clasp and knots between each bead to prevent scattering if the string breaks. As an additional safety feature, each youth necklace is designed to stretch and break with 12 lbs of pressure.

WARNING: All children should be supervised at all times when wearing their jewelry. Jewelry should be removed from the neck while sleeping. MacRae Naturals is not responsible for injury, damages, or death from improper use of the jewelry.”

We love the quality of MacRae Naturals jewelry, and we know how much our customers appreciate quality!

Check out the other best sellers and custom options MacRae offers their customers by visiting their website here and use coupon code: MacRae&LalaLove15 (the code is case sensitive) to receive 15% off their products when you spend $25 or more from February 28-March 1!

Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter below to win an Out of This World Lalabye Baby diaper and a MacRae’s Naturals Colton necklace for your baby!

LBD-Back2Out of This World will stock to participating retailers and be available (as always) at  LalabyeBaby.com on Wednesday, February 28 @ 11:00 AM CST (that’s 12:00 PM EST and 9:00 AM PST). LalabyeBaby.com is offering free shipping during the release on February 28th when you spend $28 or more (no coupon code needed). Don’t miss out, and be sure to grab more than one to get a variety of placements and see all the elements of this beautiful diaper!

Click here to fill out the Rafflecopter and enter to win!


46 thoughts on “Out of This World with MacRae Naturals

  1. The spiral galaxies in the print are stunning! I visited MacRae Naturals and love the colors and the theme of your Worry Bracelet!


  2. The blue spiral galaxy is so pretty! It pairs perfectly with the blue stones on the necklace, both of which would look perfect on my little guy! Love it!!


  3. I love how Out of This World has a variety of realistic and more cartoony images. And the postpartum depression and anxiety necklace is beautiful and would come in handy this fall when I have a new baby and recently deployed husband.


  4. Eeeeek! So much to love about this pairing! But saturns detailed rings and the necklace being able to coordinate with most everything is so awesome!


  5. I love the new print bc the colors are great and i love the little planets!
    I didn’t even know this was a thing but I’d definitely try the anxiety, stress and weight loss necklace for myself!


  6. I love absolutely everything about this diaper, especially the orange nebula! I would love to try out the adult green baltic amber bracelet for my husband!!!


  7. I love the deep colors in the new diaper cover very artistic! 😍 I love MacRae Naturals ADHD necklace it’s beautiful!


  8. I need this print something fierce! As for the Baltic Amber necklaces I would get the youth teething necklace or bracelet dark cherry/black with turquoise

    Probably a necklace for my daughter too


  9. I love the galaxy/nebula features on the diaper! This print is stunning! I love the Maverick Baltic Amber Bracelet/Necklace too!


  10. My favortie thong about the diaper in the galaxy in the background and different colored snaps! The necklace id buy for myself would be the postpartum anxiety and depression necklace!


  11. I love that I can use the out of this world on both my twin toddler boys or my baby girl I’m expecting anytime and I love the sandy Baltic amber necklace


  12. Such a beautiful print! My boys love space stuff!

    I like the necklace pictured in this post, too. I’ve never seen one like that before!


  13. I love all the different colors in this diaper especially the spiral galaxies!! The Colton necklace DOES pair wonderfully with all its vibrant colors. Such a great combination!!!


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