The Sleep Deprived Mom’s Guide to One-Size Cloth Diapers on Newborns

Newborns can be challenging. Problem solving without sleep can be impossible. Let us help you through some of the most common obstacles we see when cloth diapering a newborn in Lalabye Baby one size diapers.

Newborns grow fast and they all grow differently. Even certain diaper changes in the same day can require different snap settings. For most newborns, there is a short “awkward” phase where “normal” snap settings are either too loose or too tight. The graphic below gives you some ideas of different ways you can snap your diaper to accommodate your baby’s changing needs.


Using the correct absorbency for your newborn is also important. When you begin to get leaks with the newborn insert, you can move to the large insert folded towards the front (boys) or back (girls). After that, move to using both inserts. In smaller rise settings, the Hogan fold and Thomas fold work great to make your inserts fit nicely snapped or stuffed into the shell.  You can can find more information and a video description of the folds here.


We find that many babies will need both inserts early on (some within the first few weeks). They may be little, but they can pee a lot (because they are nursing/drinking a lot)! Pay attention to the times of day your baby floods their diaper. Often just the first diaper is flooded, so you can add a hemp insert or additional bamboo insert to that diaper. Different absorbency options using various inserts can be found here.

If you think you may need to move up a rise setting, check out this post.

As always, join us in our Facebook chat group and ask any further questions you may have.

This post was written by #LalabyeMama Kim S. Thanks, Kim!

6 thoughts on “The Sleep Deprived Mom’s Guide to One-Size Cloth Diapers on Newborns

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  2. Love the picture tutorials and all the videos. We will have a newborn back in cloth soon so it is a great refresh for getting the fit just right using big sisters one size diapers.


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