Lalabye Baby Newborns

Meet Sawyer, one of the newest Lalabye Babies and son of Lalabye Fan Brittany O.

Back when we first released our Newborn sized cloth diapers, we discussed the pros and cons of buying and using Newborn diapers compared to using One-Size cloth diapers. Which is right for your baby? Do you really need to use Newborn diapers? So if you missed that post, it’s right here.


Since then, we’ve had lots of customers weigh in on how much they love our Newborn diapers and what they’d like to see in the future. So, we redesigned our Newborn diapers with some of those suggestions in mind.

Here’s what stayed the same:

  • Micro-suede interior (a stay-dry fabric) protects your baby from wetness.
  • Trim, snug and comfortable stretchy TPU (waterproof) fabric provides a custom fit.
  • Each newborn diaper includes one small Lalabye Baby Bamboo insert.
  • Hook and loop (Velcro) closures facilitate quick and easy diaper changes every time. Perfect for caregivers and grandparents.
  • Perfect, trim fit sized for quickly changing newborns – rise snaps adjust to fit from approximately 5 – 12 lbs.
  • Easy to use and clean – Wide slot opening make it easy to stuff the insert for a stay-dry feel for baby.
  • A versatile 2 in 1 diapering system – use it as a “pocket” diaper with the inserts tucked inside for a stay-dry feel OR use it as an All-in-Two with the bamboo insert snapped on top.

NB Diagram Outside

NB Diagram Inside

Here’s what we changed:

Longer Belly Band


A longer more shapely belly band provides more ample space between the aplix and the edge of the diaper on the band, ensuring for a little more flexibility and longevity of the fit, plus it provides a little more extra protection to keep the aplix edges from touching your newborn’s delicate skin.


Longer Wing Tabs


For chunkier babies, moms will appreciate the little bit of extra length on the wing tabs of the redesigned Newborn diapers. This provides a better fit around thick thighs or thicker tummies without creating too much extra so that they still fit super tiny babies, too!



Two-Column Rise Snap Adjustment


We found that we only needed two columns of rise snaps to get the best fit on the Newborn diapers, so we nixed a row. You still get an amazing fit without any puckering. The other bonus benefit to this is it shows off more of the prints!


One Pocket Opening


Originally, we had both pockets open, just like on our One Size diapers, and this was to serve two purposes: to allow for the inserts to agitate out in the wash and to provide an option for stuffing inserts. We found that due to the small size of the diaper shell, the inserts didn’t agitate out well, so we eliminated the second pocket opening at the front and just kept the one at the back.

New Redesigned Tag


Our original Newborn diapers came with the old tag design. Now that we have our snazzy black and aqua tags, the Newborns needed new ones too.

Lalabye Baby Newborn sized cloth diapers are available at all participating authorized Lalabye Baby retailers. Prints are limited edition- once they are gone, they’re gone for good! Stock colors include Charming, Darling, and Merrily Merrily.


Let us know if you try our newborn diapers and if you need any fit help with using our One-Size diapers on your newborn, be sure to check out this post about newborn fit using One-Size Lalabye Baby Cloth Diapers!


3 thoughts on “Lalabye Baby Newborns

  1. We seriously LOVE our newborns. It’s made the transition to two in cloth a thousand times easier than I thought. This system is just so easy. Wonderful post!


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