Tortuga Bay & Coral Reef!


Pura Vida is one of the most popular and sought after Lalabye Baby Limited Edition prints from the Costa Collection (Summer 2016). Therefore, we know that you are going to love

Tortuga Bay!


If you’ve been searching for Pura Vida, look no further because we have a gorgeous redesigned version just for you! With a similar look and feel to Pura Vida, Tortuga Bay  features mama and baby sea turtles in white and light mint swimming around in a deep shade of seafoam green bedecked with curled and scalloped seashells.


We couldn’t let Tortuga Bay swim onto the scene alone, so we designed a sister print featuring bright and joyful seahorses:

Coral Reef!



On our Coral Reef, both adult and baby seahorses dance across a super-rich deep pinkish coral background (this isn’t the same coral as Oh My Darling!) speckled with sea stars.


These two new diapers are in new colors!

20507789_1720473371300450_7900414192803058154_o 20451596_1720473441300443_3920746717706989382_o


As you can see, they’re gorgeous and make great additions to your stash!



Seahorse Fun Facts:

  • Seahorses have no teeth and no stomach! They suck in passing plankton with their snout like a vacuum cleaner, and it passes quickly through their digestive system, dissolving as it goes; they have to eat almost constantly to stay alive!


  • Seahorses are the only kind of fish with a neck; yes, they are fish!


  • Male seahorses are the ones who house the eggs inside their bodies and birth them, and they also stick around to raise their offspring; most fish fertilize eggs and leave their babies to fend for themselves.


  • In Celtic tradition, men often get seahorses tattoos when they become fathers -symbolizing the protection and devotion of fatherhood.


  • On average, Seahorses are quite petite- around the size of a teacup.


  • Seahorses are considered a symbol of strength, power, and good luck.



Tortuga Bay & Coral Reef will be available in the following Lalabye Baby products:

One-Size Cloth Diaper

Grab’n’Go Wet Bag

Quick Trip Wet Bag

Newborn Cloth Diaper

A Brand NEW Lalabye Baby Product (to be revealed August 1st!)



Not only are these two #SensationalSeason releases

being released at the same time,

they’re being released only in one place:

So get ready on August 2nd at 9PM EST (8 PM CST, 6 PM PST) time to snag Tortuga Bay and Coral Reef before they’re sold out for good!


Seahorse facts derived from:


5 thoughts on “Tortuga Bay & Coral Reef!

  1. Beautiful!!! The colors complement so well together! Thank you for working so hard for your customers! I’m sure it’s not easy but you are awesome


  2. I don’t suppose you have any of the large wet bags left? Tortuga is my favorite but either would be great! I can’t find them anywhere and I just came across these. I love them so much!


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