Project Pomona Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Project Pomona. I was given free product to try in exchange for my 100% honest opinion.


 “How do you get pants to fit over that fluffy bum?”

You have several options:

  • use a trim diaper (like Lalabye Baby)
  • buy a size up in regular pants
  • choose pants that have more room in the tush like harems/joggers
  • buy some amazing Pomonas from Project Pomona (this is your most environmentally friendly option, and I’ll explain why below…)


If you haven’t heard of Pomonas before, they’re made specifically with the intention to fit over cloth diapered bums! (They fit non-fluffy bums as well, so if you don’t use cloth, don’t despair- your kiddo can still rock a pair!)


What you may not know about them is that they are sized to fit your child for MUCH longer than the traditional sizing in “regular” pants- sometimes up to 3 traditional sizes longer! So, instead of wasting money, time, and resources buying new pants every month or so, the same pair can fit for 8-12 months because they’re adjustable in the waist and in the length of the pant leg. You simply cuff them for the appropriate length!

Everett has very short legs, chunky thighs, and a short torso. So, pants usually look a little funky on him. These, however, cuffed so nicely to accommodate his lack of height and extra padding.


They have lots of leg room too- even fitting over Everett’s extra chunky thighs like a dream!

Luscious legs but a nightmare to find pants that fit well until now!

As you can see below,  the structure of the waist makes it so easy to adjust the fit to make your baby comfortable, even when sitting up, and they’re super easy to get on and off, making diaper changes a breeze.

The construction of the pants is truly high quality. You are purchasing ’boutique’ quality baby jeans for a fraction of the price, and they’ll fit for 3 times as long!


Plus, they look adorable!



Project Pomona is a small business run by mom of three- Meghan. Pomonas are made locally in Houston, TX in small batches, so the denim options and cuff accents change often! Be sure to check out their website and comment below which pair you’d love to win!

 Enter using the Rafflecopter link below to win your choice of in-stock Pomonas (up to a $40 value)!

Wow! That’s a great prize! (Pictured: new distressed light denim)

Giveaway ends March 2, 2017. Limited to USA only.

Enter the giveaway here!

39 thoughts on “Project Pomona Giveaway

  1. We just tried our first pair of Pomonas (stretch waist for my potty trained toddler) and LOVE them! I can’t wait to try some Eco fit for the new baby coming in May! Loving the dusty rose color ❤️


  2. I can’t get enough of his chunky thighs! I would also love to try Pamonas. I am having a terrible time finding pants that fit my long fluffy butt baby.


  3. I bought my first pair of PP shorts at MommyCon in Austin when I was still pregnant (first baby) and did not know what I was having. My husband and I had decided we were cloth diapering at that point, but I was very curious how bottoms would fit over the diapers. We saw these pants and thought genius!! We ended up with the skull shorts because the lady running the booth showed us a picture of the shorts paired with a very cute peplum shirt for a little girl. I was convinced those shorts were only for boys and only wanted to by neutral things until Baby arrived. After that picture, I was sold!! We have loved those shorts since day one and they still fit by daughter’s fluff bum at almost 6 months with room to spare!!


  4. I would love to try these awesome looking jeans to go over LO’s big fluffy cloth diaper! I would choose Grow With Me Denim jeans in indigo!


  5. Have been wanting to try these for sooooo long!!! Have heard nothing but great things about them. And those thighs though 😍


  6. We love Project Pomonas. Since I just bought the black denim with heart cuffs, I would have to get more shorts. The twill are amazing but the jean hold up so well.


  7. I have never seen these pants this close up before! I never realized that the waist was like that and for some reason just assumed they had the pull through elastic. Definitely putting these on my list of things to try soon!!! Thank you for the review!


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