Can I Use Cloth If…

Cloth diapering is pretty simple and straightforward 99% of the time, but there are some circumstances that require extra care if you want to continue to use cloth.


Can I use cloth if my baby has a yeast rash?

Yeast thrives in moist, warm environments. The only way to kill yeast in fabric is to use bleach to do a bleach wash. Bleach is a caustic substance that very quickly breaks down fibers and can delaminate your diaper shells. So, if you want to use cloth while your baby has a yeast rash, you could, but you’d have to do a bleach wash after the regular wash every time, exposing your diapers to far too much bleach in the process and potentially ruining them. Besides, bleach is not a pleasant chemical to have close to baby’s skin, especially when baby is already suffering from a rash, even if you are rinsing thoroughly.

Our advice?

Clean your diapers as you normally would, do a bleach wash, rinse thoroughly, sun them, and let them hang out in a basket or cardboard box until the yeast rash is 100% gone. Then, dive back into using cloth again.


Can I use cloth if my baby is on antibiotics or OTC medicines?

A lot of babies do not react well to antibiotics when it comes to their digestive systems. Powerful, loose stools are frequent and messy, and switching over to disposables could mean even more mess and work for you in the form of blow outs. At least cloth diapers have real elastics at the back and legs to help contain the mess! Over the counter medications can cause (at most) odd staining, but usually it’s nothing the sun can’t take care of.

Our advice?

Yes. In fact, we think it’s probably more comfortable and convenient to use cloth when baby is not feeling well than to deal with blow outs and leaks on top of fevers and whatever else is ailing them. We suggest spraying off diapers immediately before tossing in the bag to prevent stains, and we also suggest changing more often when baby is sick to keep baby’s bottom free from acidic diarrhea so as to not irritate and cause a rash.


Can I use cloth in the hospital after my baby is born?

Many first time parents are exhausted and overwhelmed as it is in the first few days after baby’s arrival, so it’s common to hear of cloth diapering parents using disposables while in the hospital, but it’s not necessary. Some people argue that the meconium easily stains, so to avoid using cloth during those first few days of questionable poop, but that is merely one school of thought. Meconium is an organic substance that should easily spray out, just like any other bowel movement your child will eventually have.

Our advice?

Yes! You absolutely can. Many people do not do so simply because they find it more convenient to wait until they are home to begin using cloth, but there is no reason NOT to start using cloth the minute baby arrives earthside. Be sure to keep baby’s umbilical cord dry and not tucked down into the front of the diaper panel, though, and we recommend rinsing out meconium using a sprayer before washing for best results and reduced staining.


Can I use cloth while using Vaseline, diaper creams, or medicated creams?

Vaseline and many cloth diaper creams are petroleum based and will not wash out of cloth diapers well, which can cause repelling issues, affecting absorbency. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot use cloth during this time.

Our advice?

Yes you can, BUT you need to also use a fleece liner in between baby and the diaper so as to not get Vaseline/creams on the diaper. Grab some fleece from the store and cut up liners to fit inside your diapers (it will also help act as an additional stay dry barrier). Toss the liners when you are through, or wash them separately from the diapers with some rags or old towels. Once baby is healed and you are no longer using Vaseline or other creams, you do not need to use the liners.

Your other option is to use a product that is deemed cloth diaper safe. Grovia Magic Stick, Grandma El’s, CJ’s Butter, and unrefined cold pressed coconut oil are just a few cloth diaper safe options.


Can I use cloth while on vacation?

We have a few blog posts about just this topic that you might find interesting and enlightening!

Our advice?

Yes! Check out this blog post for a how-to and this blog post to read about someone else’s experience!


Can I use cloth diapers in the pool?

There are lots of reusable swim diapers out there, but you can also just use any of your Lalabye Baby cloth diaper shells!

Our advice?

Yes! Just be sure to remove the inserts, and make sure you rinse/spray out the diaper shell afterward in un-chlorinated water before tossing in the bag.


Can I use cloth diapers at daycare?

This one could go either way because it depends on both your state’s policy and the daycare’s policy.

Our advice?

Check out this blog post on using cloth at daycare to figure out how to go about finding out if your daycare should accept cloth and the best ways to help care providers be successful with cloth.

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