Get That Fit!

New to cloth? New to Lalabye? Trying to get the BEST fit of your baby’s life? We’ve broken it down step by step.

Other ways to use this graphic:

  • Save the image and share it with all of your baby’s caregivers to make sure everyone knows the best tricks to getting that swoon-worthy fit!
  • Share the image in your favorite cloth diapering group to help other moms with fit!
  • Print it out and send it in with baby and his cloth to daycare!
  • Click to pin it to your cloth diaper Pinterest board to help others who are cloth diapering!
  • Have a newborn? These steps apply to you too! Still struggling? Check out our newborn fit tips!

Get That FIt!(1)


Hope this helps! Happy cloth diapering! Spread that #lalabyelove!

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