Our Brand New Product!

We've got you covered.

Introducing a brand new product from Lalabye Baby:

Cloth Diaper Covers!


What is a cloth diaper cover?

A cloth diaper cover does not have any fabric sewn inside of the shell-it is only the soft, flexible, wipeable TPU on the inside. They are purely water resistant shells and contain no absorbency. You have to add your own absorbency, such as prefolds, our snap-in bamboo inserts, our stay-dry bamboo inserts, flour sack towels, fitteds, whatever floats your boat.

How are covers used?

Covers are simply put on over-top of your choice of absorbency OR you can snap in inserts in our cover because there are snaps at the front and back of the cover, just like in our one-size diapers.


Covers can also be used over padded underwear as trainers, used with no absorbency as a swim diaper, or with many layers of absorbency as a nighttime diaper.


What makes Lalabye Baby Diaper Covers unique?

Covers Diagram.png

Lalabye Baby Covers have distinct piping trim, so that you know which ones are covers quickly when grabbing them from the laundry.



There is also a waterproof band at the back of the cover in addition to the standard one at the front.


They also have snaps at the front and back (like our one-size diapers) so that you have the option to snap in our inserts in addition to using other types of absorbency like flour sack towels, prefolds, or fitteds.



What do our customers think of them?

Lalabye Baby has been product testing these covers for over 6 months with a select group of customers in our Lalabye Insider group. Here is what they have to say about our covers.

Using with Twofit fitNighttime TestimonialsFitCopy of fit(1)fit(1)Alternative Usefit and sizing(2)More Nighttime TestimonialsCopy of Copy of fit(1)Copy of fit

Lalabye Baby Covers go on sale Wednesday, August 2nd at 9PM EST on LalabyeBaby.com ONLY.

Covers will be available in our newest prints Tortuga Bay and Coral Reef.



3 thoughts on “Our Brand New Product!

  1. We just started using covers at night for my almost 3 year old and wish we would have taken the plunge sooner they work amazing !


  2. Lalabye covers are my favorite cloth diapering option. I love the snap-in inserts because they stay in place while I chase my wiggly baby down during changes lol When he’s wet, I just wipe and dry the cover, and snap in another insert. Since I was new to cloth, having a few covers and lots of inserts helped me have a stash before I could buy “lots of diapers”.

    I hope more of the regular solids become available in covers—I’m dying to have both a Toora Toora and Itsy Bitsy cover 🤞🏾


  3. Love the Lalabye covers. They are generously sized so a perfect nighttime option. I also put the inserts in them for daytime use.


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