Rockin’ Robin: Tweet Tweet!

Presenting the 2018 Fluff Madness Cloth Diaper Design Contest Winner:

Rockin’ Robin!


Kate, how did you come up with your design concept for the competition? Does it hold any special meaning?

I’ve always loved music and wanted a musical diaper that was bright and happy. My daughters both have musical names, Hendrix Isla and Piper Cash so I thought it’s only fitting for us to design a musical diaper! They love bright colors and animals and I thought birds might be more fitting with the music notes than their beloved hippos.


Has the final product turned out how you imagined it would?

I honestly didn’t have a real final product in my head. I knew pieces that I loved and I wanted to give Catherine, Lalabye Baby’s artist, some freedom to give it the Lalabye flair that we all know and love. It definitely shows my style and came out absolutely perfect. It has everything that I knew I wanted, put together better than I’d ever have been able to do on my own.

What are your favorite details from the new print? Any hidden meaning in a detail we should look for?

I knew I wanted set of sibling birds to represent the sibling bond my girls, and many other Lalabye kids have. You’ll find a few spots with two birds singing together! If you play the notes on the design, they’ll play the song I’ve been singing to my girls since before they were born!


Was the process of going from design to diaper different than you expected? Did anything surprise you?

I thought it’d be more difficult to get it right. I was surprised how quickly Catherine got what I was going for! It’s also really stressful picking snaps and trim! Changing those will change the whole feel of the diaper.

What was the most difficult part for you during this process?

Waiting to see it! I thought it would be explaining my vision. I’m not very artistic and sometimes struggle to explain what I’m thinking, and I also have strong opinions so I thought it would take a while to get it right. It didn’t!



What would you like to say to those who buy this diaper?

I hope you love it as much as we do! It is different from any diaper I’ve ever seen and I think it’ll give a lot of different people something to love.


Melissa, What was important to you about creating the design so that it was in keeping with Lalabye’s style?

Originally, Kate wanted the birds to be rainbow, but the problem we ran into was then the scale would need to be huge. We pride ourselves on the quality of the repeat in our prints; we like that it’s hard to tell where the print repeats, and if the birds were huge, it would be super obvious. Kate had a pretty great idea design board to begin with, so it really only took a few tweaks (tweets? 😂) to make it rock the Lalabye style with vibrant colors in the background!

What are your favorite details from the new print, Melissa?

The swirls of music notes provide a really nice flow to the print!


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Rockin Robin sneak

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