If you’re new to Lalabye Baby, you might not know that the owner and creator of our favorite diaper is originally from Costa Rica. Melissa enjoys traveling with her family, especially back home to visit family when she can, and her love of Costa Rica has shown through in several of the Lalabye prints and solids over the years. From Down By The Bay to the Costa Collection, it is easy to see how beautiful Costa Rica and its vast ecosystems are.

Our latest release was inspired by both the beauty of the rainforests present all over the world (including Costa Rica) and our customers! At the beginning of the year, we asked our customers what they wanted to see come to life as a Lalabye Baby print. We had a lot of customers say how much they love the variety in our ocean print, Seven Seas, from a few years ago, and they had the idea for us to do other ecosystems as a print concept. Thus, our rainforest themed diaper, Amazonia, was born!

Copy of Amazonia IG

A brilliantly colorful print featuring peek-a-boo rainforest animals hiding behind vibrant foliage, Amazonia brings to life the beauty and diversity of the Amazon rainforest. There are lots of new animals we’ve never featured before along with a few little guys you might recognize. We brought back the adorable tree frogs from our La Ranita print and the toucans and parrots from our Birds of a Feather print (circa the Costa Collection) and gave them a makeover in full color! You can also spy jaguars, sloths, monkeys, snakes, iguanas, and dragonflies! Amazonia is our annual Lalabye Baby exclusive, so it will ONLY be available at Amazonia is on sale now!




Amazonia is available** in three different diapers (One Size, Covers, Newborns) and three different sized wet bags (Grab’n’Go, Quick Trip, and Just in Case) and will ONLY be available at

Amazonia IG.png

We hope you love this print as much as we do! It means a lot to us, and I’m so excited to share it with you all!

Melissa with her newest nephew this past summer on their trip to Costa Rica.


**While supplies last.

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