An aROARable Release & Surprise Collaboration!

Our customers have been begging for a dinosaur diaper, and we’ve not only delivered; we’ve delivered in two different colorways!

Presenting: Taiceratops and Lalasaurus!


The Story Behind the Names

If you don’t know the story behind our company name, owner and creator of Lalabye Baby, Melissa Huynh, was inspired by her firstborn, her daughter Leah. Leah used to call herself “Lala” when she was little, and so the name Lalabye was born! So, it was natural that we named the brighter colorway of our dinosaur print “Lalasaurus.”

Melissa wanted to spotlight her second child for the darker colorway, so she named it Taiceratops after her son, Tai (pronounced “tie”). Tai’s name also holds another significance for the Huynh (pronounced “win”) family. When choosing a name for Tai, they knew they wanted to carry on a tradition from her husband’s side of the family (all the males in the family have names that start with a “t”) but they also wanted to give a nod to her husband Tony’s Vietnamese heritage as well. They chose the name Tai because in Vietnamese, Tai means “talented”.


Taiceratops and Lalasaurus feature solid backgrounds covered in an array of artfully crafted watercolor dinosaurs and prehistoric ferns and plant-life. The painted style of the dinosaur silhouettes is not a solid block of color, but rather different tones of the same color or neighboring colors gently blend into one another to create a unique and rich texture to the diaper.


Each colorway features different colors from our solids line-up here at Lalabye Baby, and both feature a retired solid color as well.

Our retired Over the Meadow green pops in Taiceratops, and Lalasaurus showcases our retired Lavender’s Blue purple. Both of the retired colors also make up the trim in the covers of the diapers as well.

We also have a very exciting collaboration to announce! For the first time ever, we’re having these prints appear in more than just diapers! Stay tuned to Project Pomona’s Facebook page next Monday (April 2nd) to see what she’s whipping up in Taiceratops and Lalasaurus fabric! You won’t want to miss it! Products from Project Pomona will stock Thursday April 5th at 12 CST. (Not sure what Project Pomona is all about? Check out this blog post review!)

Taiceratops and Lalasaurus stocked at participating retailers and today in our One Size Cloth Diapers, Cloth Diaper Covers, and our Newborn Size Cloth Diapers!


As always, these prints are Limited Edition,

so grab them before they’re extinct!

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