Cloth Diapering at Disney

This post was written by Lalabye Mama Katie P. ♥

Yes! You can use your Lalabyes at Disney!


It’s no secret that I am obsessed with Disney and Lalabye.  My thought was, why not combine both obsessions in one place?  So, when it came to planning my family’s Disney vacation, I had to ask myself to cloth at Disney or to not.  At first, it sounded quite daunting of a task; however, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and how little I thought about it while I was there!  Disney in general, requires a boat-load of planning: planning meals–quick service and table service reservations, fast pass planning, coordinating days at the park, etc.  If you can plan all that, cloth diapering planning is a walk in the park!

First, planning a vacation with children requires a lot of preparation, but it’s SO worth it!  Plan ahead to put your mind at ease and so you are able to enjoy your vacation!

Packing Checklist

  1. One size diapers: I packed my favorites to show them off and also to coordinate with Disney outfits (of course).  I packed 30 plus for the week, which was way more than I needed.  The number of diapers you pack will depend on how many children in diapers and how many they go through in a day.  I would multiply the average number of diapers used per day by three (that way you don’t have to wait on diapers drying on washing day).
  2. Covers: they are a must for our nighttime routine and also was a major space saver in the diaper bag for a long day at the park.
  3. Extra inserts: you can take inserts from one-size diapers that you are not bringing to Disney.  I used these for the covers for daytime use.
  4. Cloth wipes: bring extra; we used these for diapering purposes, but also for crazy toddler food mess.
  5. Disposable liners:  These were a must! I did not want to sacrifice space in our luggage, especially since we were flying. Full disclosure, even if they say flushable, they are not.  These were easier to use at the parks than having to spray diapers back at the hotel.
  6. Wetbags: bring extra.  I packed a lot of Grab and Go Wet/Dry Bags to act as my main “pail liner” in the room.  I saved my Quick Trips for the diaper bag.
  7. Optional: If you’d like to go the disposable insert route, retired Lalabye Mama Kristen used Grovia’s disposable inserts inside her Lalabye Baby shells and covers with great success! It made for bulkier packing with all the inserts she needed for a five day trip, but it made for super light carrying during the day at the parks. She simply had to wash the shells and covers, which made for quicker drying time because she didn’t have to wait on her inserts in the dryer.


Packing: Plane vs. Car

For the plane, I was able to pack all my diapers, covers, liners, extra inserts, and wetbags in my carry on.  I could have packed them all in the car with family who chose to drive, but we wanted to use the extra space in the car for souvenirs for the drive home. Keep in mind that if you pack your detergent/water softener it needs to be packed in your checked baggage to meet TSA requirements. I also suggest sealing it inside a plastic bag and inside a wetbag for extra leakage protection!

For the car, I packed all my laundry and wash supplies.  At Disney resorts, they sell laundry detergent in the laundry rooms–vending machine style.  Most Disney resorts have a convenience store located by the main lobby for any needs.  There’s also some grocery delivery (Garden Grocer, Uber, Dizzy Dolphin) services for a fee if you would like laundry soap delivered to your room.  For Amazon prime members, you could utilize Amazon Pantry for possible savings and have your choice of detergent delivered directly to your room.  Or if you would rather go yourself, there are many different cab companies to take you off property to a grocery store (Uber, Lyft, etc.).

If you are at a Deluxe resort or any of the parks, there is a Disney Minivan service that will take you anywhere on Disney property for a flat rate fee.  So you can ride in style while shopping for laundry soap or anything else you may need.

Disney/Lalabye Outfit Planning

Cloth diapering or not, Disney outfit planning is a staple in preparing for your trip.  But, planning outfits with your Lalabye diapers is way more fun.  Bonus, if you plan ahead with outfits by day, you will save space in your luggage to be utilized for overflow. If you have a custom embroidered diaper, it makes picture time with characters even more adorable!

Notice Declan’s Buzz and Woody embroidered Itsy Bitsy Spider Lalabye OTB!


    Once you have finally reached your Magical Destination and  get settled in your hotel room, set up a cloth diaper area or station.  My main location for all cloth diapering needs was the closet.  I left all my diaper supplies in the carry on.  I wanted to keep everything in one place so that nothing got lost.  This also made it easier to pack the diaper bag for the parks.  I kept all my wetbags by my carry on, so that they were ready for use.  For hang drying, I utilized the hangers in the closet.  I’ve used hangers for drying on other long vacations, and they work great!  One could fit six to seven diapers on one hanger and hang them right in the closet.  This way it saves a lot of space.  If you want to bring your own, the “octopus drying rack” from IKEA is another great option.

Next, it is best to scope out where the laundry is located at your resort.  Some Disney resorts offer your own set of washers and dryers directly in your room.  If they are not located in your room, there will be a laundromat a short distance from your room.  If leaving your laundry in the laundromat concerns you, there is a website that has a timer connected to the washer or dryer number you choose.  This way you can keep track of your laundry and what time it will be completed.  I used the laundromat at my resort, and the website is amazing.  This website is used for all resorts on Disney property that has a laundromat:


Packing the Diaper bag

    A long day at the park requires a lot of packing and preparation for an unpredictable toddler.  With this in mind, I wanted to pack the diaper portion as light as I could.  Thank heavens for Lalabye covers!  I was able to pack six diaper changes in my JuJuBe large set piece.  This included: two covers, six insert sets, and six disposable liners.  I also packed a backup one-size diaper, just in case.  In my JuJuBe medium set piece, I packed my cloth wipes and diaper cream.  This cleared up a ton of space for all other needs such as, snacks, spare clothes, a place-mat, utensils, etc.

You Can Do It!

We’ve had many Lalabye fans successfully use cloth at Disney over the years, and we love seeing those adorable fluffy bottoms shown off at the happiest place on earth! Here’s Lilly C.’s little girl at Disney in her Lalabyes:

And Libby H.’s little guy wore his Wish Lalabye Baby diaper as his wish came true seeing Cinderella’s castle at Disney World!


I am so glad that I chose to cloth diaper at Disney.  All of the planning ahead and preparation made it such an easy transition that I will definitely repeat for future trips.  I also love that I had extra funds for souvenirs instead of spending it on disposable diapers because who doesn’t need souvenirs?!


Have a Magical Trip,



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