Fresh and Funky Free

We get asked all the time about the BEST way to keep diapers from getting funky. The simplest solutions are storage and washing. Follow these tips to keep your diapers fresh and funky free!


1. Store diapers in an OPEN pail with a pail liner or wet bag.

Let that fluff breathe! You will have less problems if you store your diapers in an open pail or open wetbag. This doesn’t mean you have to keep your wetbag open when you’re on the go; that would be messy! Keep diapers zipped into wetbags when on the go, but if you’re using a wetbag hanging up as your dirty diaper storage until wash day, keep that sucker open!


2. Wash every other day.

The longer diapers sit, the funkier they get. The funkier they get, the harder they are to wash. You should be washing every other day, at least. Click on theses links if you need help with caring for your diapers or your wash routine.


3. Rinse and wring out poopy diapers or heavily saturated night-time/nap diapers.

This is usually the number one culprit of stinky diapers. If you have a SprayPal and diaper sprayer, it’s easy to spray out and wring out diapers that have gotten hit especially hard. You should ALWAYS spray out poopy diapers (unless your child is exclusively breastfed) before tossing them in the pail for wash day. Spraying out poopy diapers in a timely manner will keep funk at bay and allow them to get really clean when they are washed on wash day. A lot of people don’t realize that urine becomes more potent as baby gets older, and by the time they are almost a year old, it’s on its way to becoming full on dreaded toddler pee. Rinsing and wringing out heavily peed nap or night diapers before tossing them in the pail is also helpful in keeping ammonia from building up. Toddler pee is no joke, man.


Stay fresh and so clean clean!

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