Leapin’ Lizards for Gigi’s Playhouse!


The 2017 Sensational Season is not over yet, and crawling into 12th place is Leapin’ Lizards, a fun, organic print featuring creeping lizards adorned in geometric patterns such as concentric circles, sunbursts, diamonds, triangles, and stripes.



Growing up in Florida, Melissa is used to seeing geckos all over the place, and her kids like to try and catch them in their yard; however, she prefers to see them outside.


Still, kids seem to be attracted to all things creepy crawly during that stage of constant wonderment and exploration, so what better way to allow lizards inside than on a Lalabye!


Leaping Lizards ties design elements from Concentric and Latitude (from the 2016 Geo Collection) in a modern, adventurous way.┬áThe lizards vary in color, pairing Jack-Be-Nimble orange with Hatching Dragons grey and white in different combinations. You will also find the lizards’ silhouettes lurking behind them in a lighter grey than the dark charcoal of the background of the overall print. This idea was inspired by the silhouette you can see when a lizard is resting on a leaf in the sunshine.


The varied prints that adorn each lizard paired with the scattered placement really keeps your eyes moving throughout the print to catch all the little details, and the way the orange pops against the grey is really beautiful, especially in the outdoors where lizards (and little ones) in the summer often are!

Love how that orange pops outside!

Here at Lalabye Baby we strive for inclusiveness, kindness, and acceptance in all we do. We run our business accordingly, and we have always done our best to find lots of beautiful babies to model our new releases. For this release, we wanted to do a bit more than simply photograph the cuties you see in the photos above. We photographed Reid, Lalabye Fan Becca’s baby boy, and Amanda’s son Theo- an adorable, strong-willed, 1 year old little boy who has Down Syndrome.



Amanda (Theo’s mom) and I are friends from high school, and when I planned my trip to Houston to visit Melissa, I thought it would be a great opportunity to visit her and have her new little boy model for our newest release. While visiting, Amanda, keen on promoting Down Syndrome awareness and acceptance, had shared her enthusiasm for an organization called Gigi’s Playhouse with us. Our adoration for Theo and happiness for his family inspired us to do more with this release, and once we researched what Gigi’s Playhouse does for individuals with Down Syndrome and their families, we knew we wanted to contribute.


Lalabye Baby will be donating a portion of the profits from Leapin’ Lizards to Gigi’s Playhouse in honor of Theo and all individuals with Down Syndrome who receive encouragement, assistance, and acceptance from their achievement centers. Gigi’s Playhouse is a collection of nationwide centers that offer services free of charge for individuals with Down Syndrome and their families. Gigi’s Playhouse is an organization that is working to create global acceptance, encourage kindness, and assist individuals with Down Syndrome to achieve to their fullest potential.


Their goal is to create a generation that is giving and kind- a goal Lalabye Baby shares! They call that generation “Generation G”. The founder of the organization says that Generation G is “generous with their time, generous with their spirit… it’s a different way of looking at the world; it’s an accepting way of looking at the world; it’s the world we want to live in.” It’s the world we want for all of our children!


So, thank you, Amanda and Theo, for inviting us into your home and sharing Theo with us. He’s such an incredible little boy, and we are so happy to have met him!


Lalabye Baby has sold out to retailers, and the donation will be coming from Lalabye’s profits. Leapin’ Lizards will be the same price as all our other prints: $23. We are not changing the price to reflect the donation. Leapin’ Lizards will stock Thursday June 29 at 9:30 PM CST at LalabyeBaby.com and all authorized and participating retailers. This print is limited edition, so be sure to catch one before they’re gone!

For more information about Gigi’s Playhouse or to make a donation of your own, visit their website and view the video below.

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