All I Want For Christmas

Dear family and friends,

I know you think it’s silly: the whole cloth diaper thing. You roll your eyes when I gush about how excited I am that my “fluff mail” has arrived. You smile and scoff at the rainbow of diapers I proudly display in my child’s room. But here’s the thing: it’s my thing. It’s my hobby! You know how some people collect $200 purses and others collect $80 pairs of shoes- I collect cloth diapers.


Because it makes me happy. Because a lot of my day revolves around taking care of my kid(s) and that means changing a lot of diapers. You know what makes diaper changes happier? Less mess. Less trash. And most of all: super cute colors and prints. I get to color coordinate diapers with outfits if I feel like it. If I’m having a rough day (you know the kind -where the kids are testing their limits and pushing buttons I didn’t even know I had) it’s just one of those little things to brighten my day to be able to pick my favorite color off the shelf and see my little one toddling around in it. You want me to be happy don’t you?

You know what also makes me happy? Saving money. Cloth diapering saves us money and time and energy, and goodness knows we could all use more of all of that around here. The bigger our cloth diaper stash is, the less wear each one gets (meaning it’ll last longer) and the less I have to stress about folding laundry right after it’s clean. You don’t want me to be stressed, right? You want to help us save money, right?


So, when you ask me what I want for Christmas, and I tell you cloth diapers, please don’t laugh. It’s a hobby that makes me happy, saves me money, and reduces my stress level as a caretaker and a housekeeper around here. You don’t have to understand completely; I know I don’t understand all of your hobbies and interests either; but if you love me, you’ll throw a few Lalabye Baby cloth diapers onto your shopping list this Christmas just for me (and the kid(s)).


A Cloth Diaper Loving Momma


P.S. Lalabye Baby has great online Black Friday sales coming up!

Here is our wish list:

Junior Explorer (The cutest camping diaper for our happy camper!)

Charming (We love this vibrant, grassy green!)

Strawberry Shortcake¬†(It’s the perfect Gryffindor ombr√© red!)

April Showers (Can you find the hidden mischievous cherub?)

Wild Rumpus (Perfect for our little monster!)


-We could totally use a few more wetbags and hemp inserts for night time too!


P.P.S. I think we should all go in on a few of the discounted retiring colors (Ring Around the Rosie, Baby Beluga, All Around the Mulberry Bush, & Three Blind Mice) for that friend who is expecting. I think I’ve given her the bug for cloth diapering!

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