April Showers

On April 1st of last year (2016) we played a little April Fools Day prank on our customers, debuting our “newest print” – a white and pale blue toile (pronounced twahl) patterned diaper featuring naked cherubs “watering” the flowers around them.

Unless you looked closely, you probably didn’t even notice that the cherubs are up to no good!

Our fans not only thought our new design was funny, they cheered for it to actually go into production! So when it came time to submit our spring prints to be made, we listened to our customers and made April Showers a reality!



We’re so glad we did because it turned out really cute!




We did decide to change up the design a little from the original; we made it so that only a few of the cherubs were mischievously relieving themselves. This way it’s more of a search and find to find the naughty cherubs, and it provides a nicer view for those who simply enjoy the angels!


April Showers stocks at 9PM CST/10 PM EST on Saturday May 13th during our special Lalabye Baby Birthday Bash! So be sure to mark interested on the event and stay tuned on our Facebook page during the event for a live reveal of a special treat at the same time we stock April Showers!


So grab one for your little cherub before they sell out, as they are a limited edition print; once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!



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