A Sweet Surprise for Our Birthday!


Happy 5th Birthday Lalabye Baby!


It’s our birthday, but you’re getting the treats! Introducing the 6th diaper in our Sensational Season line-up: Sugar Rush!



To celebrate our birthday, we wanted a diaper that would culminate all things sugary sweet in one place to make it the perfect diaper to use for your little one’s birthday celebration.

Bright, fun, bold, and stunning on camera as it is in person, Sugar Rush does not disappoint, and it’s perfect for boys and girls!




Donuts, lollies, ice cream, candy, cupcakes, and more are swirled among flourishes in a hodge podge of sweets bedecked in bright, flashy colors, and outlined in black for a bold pop-art meets graffiti-style look.


This sweet print first debuted at our Lalabye Baby Birthday Bash in Houston earlier today, where attendees received the first opportunity to see and purchase Sugar Rush, but you will have the opportunity to purchase it later this evening!

It will be stocking to our website and to retailers at 9 PM CST/ 10 PM EST tonight (May 13th) along with April Showers, our sneaky cherub toile diaper!

Be sure to pick up both, as they are limited edition and will not be available again once they sell out!


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