Increasing Absorbency with Versatile Inserts

We’ve mentioned before that you can add absorbency simply by uniquely folding the two inserts that come with every Lalabye Baby cloth diaper, but you can also add absorbency by using a different combination of inserts in the diaper as well. This is true for our one size diaper as well as our newborn diaper.IMG_7767

You should be changing baby every 2-3 hours (more often if you have a newborn), but there are many reasons why you may need extra absorbency at different times in baby’s life, and it is extremely beneficial to have an extra set or two of each type of our inserts so that you can adjust absorbency as needed as baby’s output habits change as he grows. For example, a newborn may start out without any issues with using just the small booster but a week later may require both inserts, and a month after that, they may need additional absorbency for a little while before scaling back to only needing the original inserts again. This is completely normal as your baby’s body is adjusting to life outside the womb and also as their body grows and changes into toddlerhood.

However, not all babies require a change in absorbency- so if you’re not having any issues, then there’s no need to add or subtract any inserts! For example, my kid didn’t need any additional absorbency except for at night and not until he was 8 months old, and he’s now almost 3 and we still haven’t had to adjust absorbency again!

Also, with changing circumstances you may need additional absorbency. For example, during long car rides, as baby begins to nap for longer periods of time, or (please, please, please!) begins to sleep through the night, you may need extra absorbency for baby only during those times. Having those extra insert options on hand makes life easier for everyone!

 Types of Inserts We Sell

Bamboo (Rayon)


Each set contains 1 bamboo insert and 1 bamboo booster (smaller). Each one is made of 4 layers of rayon (made from bamboo); therefore, each set is made of 8 layers of thirsty material!

  • Every one size diaper purchased already comes with one set of bamboo inserts, but you can purchase additional sets
  • Adds absorbency without bulk
  • Silky soft to the touch
  • Highly breathable
  • 60% more absorbent than cotton and dries 20% faster
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Naturally anti-allergenic
  • Once prepped, some stray strings or fuzzies may appear. Simply brush off fuzzies and trim the strings carefully with scissors (do not pull on them). This is completely normal and a is a result of the double surging process.
  • Needs to be prepped:Wash on hot 4 times prior to first use (water temperature not to exceed 120 degrees). Use a small amount of detergent in the first and second wash. Third and fourth washes do not require detergent. Tumble dry on low or medium or hang to dry.*Remember because bamboo is a natural fiber, it is a very thirsty material. Drying time will be longer than synthetic fibers. Trust us when we say the luxury of bamboo is worth the wait!*Bamboo fibers work in such a way that diaper absorbency will actually increase with each wash until they’ve had approximately 10 washes.


Stay Dry Bamboo (Rayon)


Version 3.0 Bamboo insert have a snap on both ends of the insert and are functional in all of our current diapers. Each set contains 2 stay-dry microfleece topped inserts. Each one is made of 4 layers of rayon (made from bamboo) and a top layer of microfleece (stay-dry) fabric.

  • Sold in sets of two-available in either large or small (fits in newborn diaper as well)
  • Same benefits as the bamboo (because they are the same inserts but with stay dry fleece sewn on top).


  • Perfect for those who like to snap their inserts on top but want the stay-dry feel or for babies with extremely sensitive skin to wetness.
  • Awesome for quick diaper changes, especially in tiny newborn diapers that may be more time consuming to stuff. Simply unsnap one stay dry insert and snap on another!
  • Not to be used inside the pocket of the diaper as layering two stay dry layers on top of one another may reduce absorbency (not what you want, obviously).
  • Needs to be prepped using the same instructions as above for the regular bamboo inserts.
  • Once prepped, some stray strings or fuzzies may appear.

IMG_7795Simply brush off fuzzies and trim the strings carefully with scissors (do not pull on them). This is completely normal and a is a result of the double surging process.


Above: Fully prepped hemp inserts. New hemp inserts will have a different appearance.

Set includes two 3-layer hemp-cotton blend inserts that maintain flexibility and shape after washing. Best when used in combination with our bamboo inserts. Simply sandwich between the insert set or for best results lay behind your bamboo insert for added protection.

  • Adds absorbency without bulk
  • Great for nap time/night time/car rides
  • Does not create compression leaks the way microfiber does
  • Naturally anti-allergenic
  • Size: 5″x13″ before washing- will shrink down after fully prepped
  • Texture of the hemp insert will change after it has been prepped-do not be alarmed! This is completely normal. Prepped hemp inserts will appear more like a lamb’s fleece texture in appearance.


  • After prepping the hemp inserts, you will see fuzzies. This is completely normal. Simply brush them off with your hand.


  • Needs to be prepped using the same instructions as above for the regular bamboo inserts, BUT be sure to do the first prep wash of the hemp by itself. Hemp has more natural oils that need to be washed out than the stay dry topped bamboo (rayon) inserts. Washing the two together for the first time may remove the oils from the hemp and deposit them in the stay dry layer of the bamboo inserts, which can cause repelling (not what you want). Once that initial wash with detergent has been done on the hemp inserts, they can be thrown in with the other inserts for the remainder of the prepping process. Once inserts are prepped, they can be washed together from then on out with no problems.

Ways to Layer

 A few tips:

*When layering inserts to stuff inside the pocket of the diaper, be sure to use only bamboo or hemp inserts.

*Stay dry inserts are best used on top of the pocket, not inside it.

*Always put the most absorbent layer furthest from the baby’s bottom. This way, moisture is pulled all the way down into the bottom insert and held there until changing time. Hemp is our thirstiest insert. Since hemp is thirsty but slower to absorb, it does best positioned furthest from baby’s body.

*Babies who are flooders (they urinate very quickly) may do best with inserts laid on top of the pocket, not inside it. This is called using the diaper as an All-in-Two.

*Babies who are very sensitive to wetness may do best with stay dry inserts being closest to their body or having inserts stuffed inside the pocket of the diaper.


Insert Sandwich Recipes


Recipes written in order from top layer (closest to baby’s body) to bottom layer (furthest from baby’s body). You can choose to stuff the bamboo inserts or hemp inserts in the pocket (if you want- you don’t have to), but be sure to leave the stay dry layer insert on top!

  • Stay dry small, bamboo booster


  • Stay dry small, hemp
  • Bamboo booster, hemp
  • Bamboo large, hemp
  • Stay dry large, bamboo large


  • Bamboo large, bamboo booster, hemp


  • Stay dry large, bamboo booster, hemp
  • Stay dry large, bamboo large, bamboo booster, hempIMG_7797
  • Bamboo large, bamboo booster, bamboo booster, bamboo large (This is our current night time solution.)
  • Bamboo large, bamboo booster, bamboo booster, hemp, bamboo large

I could go on, but you get the idea: the possibilities are extensive! You can also change up how you fold or use the inserts you choose to increase absorbency even more. For example, you can put one small bamboo insert stuffed inside the pocket and snap a small stay dry on top, or you can put a hemp insert in the pocket and snap a stay dry on top, etc.

Bamboo booster is stuffed inside the newborn pocket and the small Stay Dry bamboo insert is snapped on top.

If you’re still experiencing leaking issues, you may want to make sure that you’re getting the right fit and that you’re laundering your diapers appropriately. Also, make sure you’re taking good care of your diapers to prevent wear and tear, which can also cause leaking.

If you need any additional help with fit or troubleshooting for absorbency, please join our Facebook group for help from all our Lalabye Mamas!

Please note that additions to the Facebook group are done about once a week. So if you don’t get approved right away, never fear! 🙂

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