Smart Tips: All-in-2s

What is an All-in-2?

If you don’t want to stuff the inserts of the Lalabye Baby cloth diaper into the pocket of the diaper, you can simply snap it on top of the shell. Because our inserts are made with natural fibers, they can safely rest against baby’s skin without causing over-drying the way some synthetic materials can. Snapping on top also saves you time when preparing diapers for use after they’ve been washed and can help prevent wear and tear. The biggest benefit to using the diaper as an All-in-2 is that you can simply change out the insert when it is wet, and reuse the shell as long as it is clean. Because diaper shells are more expensive than inserts alone, you can make your stash go farther at a lower cost by purchasing more inserts than shells and using the diapers as an All-in-2 system. This is also helpful when packing cloth diapers for traveling; you have less to pack!

We mentioned before in our post about adding absorbency that there are different folds you can use when using the diaper as an All-in-2 or a pocket, but did you know that using your child’s Lalabye Baby diaper as an All-in-2 can help with leaking due to a child who urinates very quickly? Keeping the absorbent natural fibers right up against baby’s body allows the inserts to soak up the urine faster, preventing potential leaks. If your child is particularly sensitive to wetness, you can always use our Stay Dry inserts when using our diaper as an All-in-2. Our stay dry inserts are made of 4 layers of rayon (made from bamboo) and a top layer of micro-fleece (stay-dry) fabric to pull the moisture away from baby’s sensitive skin.

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2If you need the video tutorial for how to do the special insert folds below, check out our Folding in Absorbency post!


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