2018: The Year of New!


Every year,  we look back and cannot believe how much we have accomplished as a small business in just 365 days. Sitting down to break down our hard work into tangible numbers is so gratifying because it truly reveals just how much we’ve been able to put out into the cloth diapering world from our tiny corner of the United States. We’ve come out with more new products this year than in any year past and more retailer exclusives and collaborations, too! 2018 for us has been new, new, new!

In 2018, we have released:

  • 22 prints & 3 solids
    • 11 Retailer Exclusives
      • two of those exclusives donated part of their proceeds to causes close to their hearts
        • Plush Bums– MEND (Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death)
        • The Crunchy Bean– provided Christmas gifts for a family in need with two children
    • 2 positional prints (a new design style for us!) meaning every diaper had the same upright placement (World of Hope & Frosty Forest)
      • 2 prints re-released by popular demand as winners of our reprint contests (Sarchí & Reflections)
      • 2 collaborations with Project Pomona were made into jean shorts and pants (Taiceratops & Lalasaurus)
      • 2 collaborations with MacRae Naturals to provide a matching or coordinating amber and crystal teething necklace
      • 1 winner of our Fluff Madness contest: Rockin’ Robin!
      • The majority of these were released in 3 types/sizes of cloth diapers & 3 sizes of wet/dry bags!
      • The reprint contest winners and our gem-toned solids of 2017 were also made in products they’d never been released in before!
  • 5 new Cover options in solids with contrasting snaps and trim and one with matching trim and snaps (House Divided Collection & Starlight matching)
  • 4 brand new products (Just in Case small wet/dry bag, Lalabye Baby Tumbler 20 oz, Lala Lu Fitteds, & Changing Pads)
  • new bundle pricing to help new moms build their stashes more easily with discounts on cover bundles, Ai2/OS bundles, and newborn bundles

We have donated thousands of diapers and wet/dry bags to Jake’s Diapers & Giving Diapers Giving Hope, who have then helped:

  • families who face cloth diaper need both here and abroad
  • families who faced loss due to Hurricane Florence
  • families who faced loss due to the wildfires in California

We’ve met many of our customers in person at social mom events and even got to give away our first release of the year in person at The Magic Kingdom! We have done monthly contests to give away new prints and products, product tested with a large group of active customers, and changed the way we run our advocacy program to include more of our customers. We also supported and advocated for other small businesses during our Lalabye Baby Shop Small Mini-Mall and through our collaborations with Project Pomona and MacRae’s Naturals.

Our chat group has grown by over 100 new members, continuing to help moms new to cloth find their bearings and help moms who are old hat to cloth troubleshoot new difficulties or questions. These new members have added to the community of kind and helpful women we cherish as customers and friends. We have an average of 77% active members of our over 2,700 members throughout the year. It’s a hoppin’ place to be!

Speaking of hoppin’, in 2018, our chat has seen 6,856 new posts! Our members have shared their vacations with us, given us the opportunity to see their little ones growing in Lalabye diapers, announced the joys of new babies, allowed the community to surround them with love and mourn with them during times of loss, cheered on our members who have been kicking cancer’s butt, and sympathized, empathized, educated each other, and offered advice every day on topics ranging from favorite books to read to tips on potty training to help make each other’s lives easier. They’ve shown true #LalabyeLove in the form of care packages, opportunities to buy their dream prints, votes for their favorite prints, and in countless encouraging comments and messages of love and support.

Above all, we continue to be proud of the community we foster, and we are so lucky you are a part of it.

(If you’re not yet a part of our community and would like to join, please visit us here to request.)

A Year of Releases: 2018

IMG_8142good one 1042303410_350097515731178_5606978546779029504_n28515018_10156097096791585_8646918450057013850_oIMG_4442IMG_4233CDP_LalabyeBaby_59IMG_8776IMG_9159IMG_9187IMG_6523image1-236968039_10156428967301585_7361143250318524416_oIMG_128638842654_10215608414062040_8158530884035674112_oIMG_0550IMG_0079FittedIMG_8934DSC_055345687805_2479570205416826_7082438935535681536_oP132002849181244_722992788081765_8772839880288894976_nimage10


changing mats-2PicsArt_12-06-07.05.15IMG_049648423089_377745746305120_7390536979995164672_n

We cannot wait to kick off 2019 with you.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Here’s to a brand new year filled with brand new beautiful babies

and brand new beautiful Lalabyes!

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