It’s Raining Cats & Dogs!


When Lalabye Mama Jordan came up with the idea for a March Madness inspired diaper designing competition, I don’t think she had any idea that she’d end up winning the entire thing, but she did, and we couldn’t be happier to be bringing her brain child to life.

So, to end our Sensational Season with a downpour of the bright pops of color and fun detail you expect from Lalabye Baby prints, we give you: It’s Raining Cats & Dogs!

We’ve brought you, our customer, along through the design process to see an idea become reality. It’s been quite the process! Watch the video below to see just how Lalabye Baby diapers are made and witness the production of It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!

It’s Raining Cats & Dogs brings lots of your favorite breeds of cats and dogs out to play… in the rain! Armed with umbrellas, cats and dogs play harmoniously together as they splash around beneath swirling grey clouds, leaving little wet footprints behind. Have fun finding the hidden small details throughout the print in this realistic yet whimsical design tossed over a dark charcoal grey background. Available in One-Size Cloth Diapers, Newborn Size Diapers, Covers, and Quick Trip Wetbags at participating authorized Lalabye Baby Retailers.


How did you come up with your design concept for the competition, Jordan?

Jordan: “I just wanted to find some way to get a weenie dog diaper, but everything I found was nowhere near what I actually wanted. When I was searching Pinterest for cute drawings of weenie dogs, a raining cats and dogs sketch came across as I was scrolling through. I knew that may be the way to get a weenie dog diaper and to please the masses!

Jordan’s first idea sketch

Unfortunately, when I began my cats and dog search,  I couldn’t find a single raining cats and dogs design I liked enough to add to my collage. None were my vision for what a diaper should look like… that’s when I made a sketch and headed to hobby lobby for scrapbook paper!”

Jordan’s idea board submission for the Fluff Madness Challenge
Jordan’s scrapbooking skills brought her design idea to life!

Has the final product turned out how you imagined it would?

Jordan: “Absolutely! I knew I wanted a grey background to look more like a storm and I wanted the colors to really pop. I think the look I wanted is exactly what I got! I’m seriously thrilled that the Hatchie gray snaps were a perfect match. Who doesn’t love Hatchie gray?!”

The first design concept made on the computer


Did you know that Jordan’s design would win when we started the competition?

Melissa: “There were so many great ideas!  Honestly, I had no idea which one would win!”


What are your favorite details from the new print?

Jordan: “Of course, my first thought is the weenie dogs! The fact that my Chi-Weenie Dieter makes an appearance is unbelievably cool. I also really love the fluffy, falling cat. The bulldog in the design for the newborns, wet bags, and covers is a beautiful addition to the smaller scale.”


Melissa: “I love the German shepherd, but I may be biased. 😉  Other than that, I love all the details on the umbrellas and all the pops of color!”


Was the process of going from design to diaper different than you expected? Did anything surprise you?

Jordan: “Just that the timeline is insane! They really work tirelessly to bring these designs to fruition, and there are always bumps in the road. It’s a lot of hard work on Melissa’s part, and she does it practically alone. I’m so thankful she let me join along for the ride this time!”

What was the most difficult part for you during this process?

Jordan: “I think just understanding what does and doesn’t work. There were a few animals that I wanted to change colors of or make changes to, but the design wouldn’t have been right overall if we had made those changes.


Melissa was super patient and heard me out on every comment I had and every idea. Sometimes it was a great idea, and sometimes she let me down gently and helped me brainstorm something that might work better. I’m a perfectionist, so I wanted it all to be perfect. Thankfully, Melissa is, too!”

What would you like to say to those who buy this diaper?

Jordan: “Of course I want everyone to love it, but I know that just isn’t realistic. To those that buy, I hope it earns a special place in your heart and becomes one of your all time favorites. I am blown away by the support I have gotten in chat and in the Lalabye community, even when your favorite design from Lalabye Mama Fluff Madness didn’t win. It’s a pretty cool feeling to be tagged and messaged and sent encouragement along the way. ”
I know Lalabye Baby wanted to do another give back opportunity like they did with Leapin’ Lizards. How will those who purchase It’s Raining Cats and Dogs be giving back?

With the Hurricane damage so much of our local community sustained, we’ve been doing what we can to help with Hurricane relief locally, but we wanted to do something bigger. So, when we discovered that a local not-for-profit veterinary clinic Texas Litter Control had been flooded out during Harvey, we chose to donate a portion of the proceeds to the clinic, and Petco is graciously matching our donation to really make an impact for the cats and dogs in our community!

If you wish to make any kind of additional donation to the Texas Litter Control, you can do so here.


It’s Raining Cats & Dogs is limited edition

and will be available ONLY

at Authorized Lalabye Baby Retailers

Wednesday September 20th at 8:30 PM CST


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