Keeping It Clean & Simple

There’s WAY too much out there about wash routines and far too many lengthy prescriptions for how to fix stink, so we thought we’d break it down to the basics.

Wash often, rinse well, and don’t keep using the same routine if it’s not working!

Keep it simple, and you’ll be a genius at keeping your diaper laundry clean!

Laundry Tips


If you’re just starting out and you want the detailed recommendations on wash routine, check out this post.

If you’re facing mold or yeast and want to know our recommendations on how to bleach wash, check out this post.

If you’re facing staining (which is 100% NORMAL) and need help there, check out this post and be mindful of weather when sunning.

If you’d like to know the other tips and tricks to keeping your diapers clean and working well for as long as possible, we suggest you give this a read on preventing wear and tear.

If you’re getting leaks, be sure to use this diagram to help troubleshoot the potential issue!

If you need help, the #lalabyemamas are around in chat to troubleshoot with you!

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