Sizing Up Lalabyes

The majority of one size cloth diapers fit best from birth around 8 pounds up to 35 pounds at potty training. As baby grows, you simply let out the rise naps until they are all undone, and let out the waist snaps as needed. If your kid needs the waist snaps to be further out than yellow, then the hip snap would no longer be snapped to the bellyband on the diaper, leaving it exposed. Usually this does not bother the child at all, but if it does cause any irritation, there is a very easy and extremely inexpensive solution: snap caps.


Snap caps also come in handy when sizing up Lalabyes to use as a trainer. Sizing up the diaper to be looser at the hips makes it easy for your toddler to pull the diaper up and down like a trainer.

To make snap caps:
1. Choose a cap and a female snap piece

2. Place the snap pieces securely together and lay in the well of the press or pliers.

3. Squeeze or press on the handles tightly.

4. Voilà! Snap overtop the exposed hip snaps on the wings of the diaper.


Another option is to use a male snap piece to create a snap cover on the front of the diaper.

IMG_3281Why would you want to do this?

*To distinguish your child’s diapers from someone else’s at a daycare, a babysitter’s, when traveling with other friends/family who cloth diaper.


*To mark which diapers are nighttime/nap diapers (meaning they have more inserts inside for extra absorbency) for other caregivers.


Can you think of any other great ideas to use snap caps for?



Snap caps  are not permanently secured to the diaper. If a child is able to remove one, he may put it in his mouth which could pose as a major choking hazard. If you choose to use snap caps, please be sure to monitor your child and make sure that he is not removing them from his diaper or placing them in his mouth. Lalabye Baby is not  responsible for use of snap caps  or any accident or injury that may incur from doing so.

Snap caps can fall off in the wash, so be sure to carefully check your washer for snaps and remove any loose snaps before running any more loads of laundry.  Any damage to your machine caused by snap caps is not Lalabye Baby’s responsibility.  You are choosing to do so at your own risk.

You may want to choose to make your snap caps in a color that is not present on the diaper so that you know if you find a snap piece in your washer that it is not broken or lost from the diaper itself.

Lalabye Baby is proud to make diapers that fit babies of an extensive range of sizes and shapes. We do not sell snap caps, but we proudly refer you to if you wish to purchase the supplies to make them yourself.  You would need to purchase Kamsnap pliers and size 20 snaps to do so. Other diaper customizing companies are also capable of making you snap caps if they offer services such as snap changes.

Please note that any embroidery or snap changes made to your Lalabye Baby diapers does void the limited warranty.

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