2017 Calendar Contest

Lalabye Baby is a small mom-owned business operated by Melissa and her family  but what you may not know is how the Lalabye concept was born.

When Melissa decided she wanted to create her own cloth diaper brand, she knew first that she wanted to assign lullaby/nursery rhyme names to each diaper. It was a clever way to group a rainbow of colors together into a collection, and with numerous lullabies and nursery rhymes available to her, she knew she could dream up any color she wanted and find a suitable name to fit.

From left to right: Ring Around the Rosie, Old MacDonald, Jack Be Nimble, Twinkle Twinkle (retired), Speckled Frog (retired), Baby Beluga, All Around the Mulberry Bush, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Three Blind Mice, and Mary’s Little Lamb

She also knew she wanted her logo to sport a moon, stars, and a baby sleeping contentedly (the old logo that has since been simplified and renewed this past summer). With those two concepts in mind, she struggled to find a name. Her daughter, Leah, who was 18 months at the time, called herself “Lala”.

Melissa and Leah

After a friend suggested she pay homage to her child in the name by using Leah’s nickname, “Lalabye” was born.


After using cloth diapers with Leah, Melissa knew she could implement a better design. Unfortunately, Leah potty trained before the diapers were ready for testing, so her son Tai became her first official tester.

Tony and Tai

Over the years, Melissa has changed her design a few times to improve features of the diaper based on customer feedback; she’s always listening to her customers wants and needs and does her best to accommodate them and keep them surprised and excited about her products. Her goal is always to create long lasting, beautiful cloth diapers that are affordable without compromising quality, which her customers feel no hesitation in gushing about to their friends.

Lalabye Baby prides itself on it’s amazing customer base full of helpful and kind parents, who support each other respectfully and cheer each other on daily in our chat group. We get to see a TON of cuties sporting our diapers and sharing the #lalabyelove in our chat and on social media, and we want our littlest fans to have a chance to win a spot in our 2017 Lalabye Baby Calendar.

Simply submit a professional looking photo featuring your child wearing a current Lalabye Baby solid-colored diaper that creatively displays the name of the lullaby/nursery rhyme associated with that diaper’s name for a chance to earn one of 12 spots available in the 2017 calendar.


Photo must be high resolution and horizontal.

No camera phone photos– must be a high resolution file for it to look great sized up for the calendar.

No retired colors (except Twinkle Twinkle and Speckled Frog), prints, snap changes, or custom changes please.

One submission per person, please.


Possible solids to use for your submission include:

Ring Around the Rosie

Old MacDonald

Down By The Bay

Jack Be Nimble

Twinkle Twinkle

Speckled Frog

Merrily Merrily

Baby Beluga

Harold’s Purple Crayon

All Around the Mulberry Bush

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Three Blind Mice

Mary’s Little Lamb


We will choose 12 winners for our 2017 calendar, and each winner will receive a free calendar!

Enter by submitting your photos to lalabyebabycd@gmail.com by November 14th, 2016.



Thanks to Lalabye Mama Jordan for this amazing idea! Look for future posts from Jordan regarding this contest and updates on the progress of the calendar in our chat!


Good luck!





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