Why Choose Cloth?


I get this question a lot from family and friends.

Why? Why would you want to do that to yourself?”

Of course, they’re usually being rhetorical when they ask the question, but I often don’t let them walk away without a quick power lesson in cloth diapering benefits.

So, here it is: the quick and clean version of the answer to the big




Graphic provided by Mom Loves Best

So if anyone asks you the big why question, just send them the link to this blog post. 😉 This is also a great graphic and post to pin, share, or re-tweet to help #makeclothmainstream !

And remember, it’s a very personal choice for a family to decide to cloth diaper, and we fully understand that cloth is not an all or nothing thing for most families. That’s okay!  We are here to support all families who use cloth in any way.

For more information on the research done on the benefits of using cloth diapers, be sure to check out the Real Diaper Association’s webpage, particularly this section on diaper facts pulled from actual research.

Happy cloth diapering!

5 thoughts on “Why Choose Cloth?

  1. I tell people all of these facts when I get questioned about cloth diapering. Some of these people had no idea about! Cloth diapering has made our lives better, for sure ❤️


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