“I Cloth Diapered On A 12 Day Vacation & Lived to Tell About It.”

I recently returned home after one of the best vacations I’ve had in a long time happy to do diaper laundry. Not just happy, ecstatic! As I put each diaper into the wash I remembered the last time it was on the bum and what we were doing. I whispered a little “thank you” to each as they passed through my hands. Thank you for preventing at least three blow outs, all of which would have ended in a messy car seat and required us to cut an excursion short. Thank you for giving us the option of going to the beach on a whim. Thank you for matching all the vacation clothes I packed for my daughter. Most importantly, thank you for keeping her comfortable for 12 days while we were away from home. With all the changes that we threw at her, I was so happy to keep her in the cloth diapers that she knows.
I brought 35 diapers that coordinated outfits or things I thought we might do. I also brought my EcoNuts detergent and our drying rack, so I was able to do laundry three times with little issue. The washer had more options than I was used to but I was able to follow my usual routine. My only disappointment was that I hoped to sun everything while drying but the moist island air prevented anything from drying in a timely manner inside or out so for the first time ever I used the dryer to dry my inserts and dried the covers inside over the hearth.


Three times I changed a diaper on the beach, twice in the trunk of my CRV, once sitting outside a pool bar, and once standing on the changing table of the Ferry taking us home. Clearly, Emily likes to challenge me.

Some memorable #otb moments:

sarchiatmenemsha   gnmatmorningglory
Sarchí while playing with family during Emily’s first beach day at Menemsha, and the first trip of many to Morning Glory Farm afterwards wearing Goonight Moon.


Ring Around the Rosie during an early morning walk down to Edgartown Memorial Wharf where Grandad patiently walked Emily up and down the dock, and the nap that followed.

Pura Vida for Emily’s second day at the beach and my first time in a bathing suit since giving birth – only took a year!

Baby Beluga with the Phish logo (embroidered by Pitchin’ Stitchin’ and Swingin’ Snaps) during daddy’s last night on the island. We walked downtown for a glass or two of wine then met family for dinner. Emily used a straw for the first time!

Tweedle Dum during Edgartown’s annual 4th of July parade, Grandad was so proud to be able to hold Emily for her first parade.


Birds of a Feather during Emily’s first “swim” at Edgartown Great Pond. Wearing a water sling I was able to get her comfortable enough to get into the water and afterwards she took an insert-less nap on Grammy – whoops!

Emily riding her bike matching perfectly in Little Miss Muffet and playing with Grandad.

Ahoy during some backyard pool time with Uncle Ry.

Sarchí again for one last pre-dinner walk to the wharf during our last night on the island. This girl is going to miss being paraded around Edgartown during her walks to the wharf!

Peter Pumpkin Eater during nap time/snuggle time, our boat home was a few hours later so I was overjoyed to have one last peaceful moment.

Twinkle Little Star on our boat ride home, waving goodbye to a great vacation. It would need to be changed 20 minutes later in another first, first time changing a diaper on a boat!

When I looked back on photos from my vacation I found myself remembering certain moments by what diaper was #otb (on the bum). There were so many moments that were touched by cloth – mostly because a blow-out was avoided or because we were at the beach but even photos that seemingly show nothing important show a Lalabye peaking out from under a dress or waistband.

I’m so glad I decided to cloth on vacation instead of taking a vacation from cloth.

Today’s post originally appeared on The Sweetest Day blog written by an avid Lalabye Baby enthusiast and supporter, Charlotte M. Thank you, Charlotte for sharing your experience with us and for sharing the #lalabyelove wherever you go! Be sure to follow Charlotte’s blog for more posts from her in the future!



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