End of Year Reveal!

You asked, and we listened, yet again! Lalabye Baby has released not one, but FOUR NEW EXCLUSIVE PRINTS!

The Geo Collection is an assortment of geometry inspired patterns perfect for a boy or a girl. Each pattern uses one or more of the four main shapes our kiddos come to recognize and name in their early experiences with geometry: circles, squares, triangles, and lines.


Concentric is our own brand exclusive version of the beloved Joy print. The word concentric means, “shapes that share the same center, the larger often completely surrounding the smaller.” Think: circles within circles, like a target! You’ll find beautiful concentric circles in mint, grey, coral, butter yellow, & khaki sprawled across an aubergine background. We hope Concentric brings you comfort and joy this holiday season and all year round!


Latitude is a beautiful linear pattern of geometric and natural shapes: stars, squares, leaves, lines, dashes, dots: this print has it all! The word latitude means “a measure of relative position that runs parallel along the earth- east to west.” Sporting stacked parallel lines of warm and cool colors ranging from leaf green and aubergine to brick red, coral, & butter yellow, the scenery on each line changes just as it does at all the latitudes of earth. Latitude is a perfectly gender neutral diaper print for your little one.


Quantum is a geometric collage of super tiny pixels that create beautiful clouds in grey, mint, and aqua across an aubergine background. The word quantum means “the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction.” Think: the tiniest particles possible such as a photon (tiniest particle of light) or an atom (tiniest particle of matter). When we set out to design a diaper featuring squares, we didn’t want it to end up looking…well, square. That’s when the idea was born to digitize the concept and use lots and lots of teeny tiny squares instead to create this beautifully dark and cool toned print.


Kaleidoscope is a gorgeously vibrant, linear geometric pattern featuring triangles that appear to have a spray-painted quality. Reminiscent of the 80s with its neon colors and drippy paint runs, this print is stunning for both boys or girls featuring fuschia, mint, teal, chartreuse, & coral against an aubergine background. The word kaleidoscope means, “a constantly changing pattern or sequence of objects or elements.” As you’ll find with this print, your eyes naturally move throughout the pattern to see the constant change of color among the triangular shapes that span across the fabric.


We’ve been working with our fabric designer and a true artist this past year, Catherine. She’s helped to bring Melissa’s ideas to life in ways that have completely rocked the Lalabye Baby world. To give us a more in-depth look at these new prints, we interviewed Catherine about her work on the Geo Collection.

It seems like a component present in all of your designs, not just the Geo Collection, is intricate details within the designs-a swirl here or a little extra flourish there. Is that your personal style, something you like to add in as your own design signature?

 It just doesn’t feel “finished” without something that makes it feel unique to me.  I once took a painting workshop, & the artist who was teaching told us to always add a “surprise” for the viewer, & that stuck with me I guess.
Which one was most difficult to design? Most fun?

Kaleidoscope was the most challenging because I had to figure out the repeat, but it was also the most fun & my favorite of the group.
How long does it take you to work up a design? How many edits does each print have on average? Ever get one that doesn’t need tweaking?

Some designs are quick, and some can take an entire day or more – just depends on the elements & if I managed to get the “feel” that we were going for.  It’s funny; some days I feel like I nail it right away, & others are a struggle, just like life!  Some days you have it, and some days you don’t!  I think we range from 3 or 4 edits to over 10, with most edits really being about getting the color just right.  We’ve had a few that didn’t need any tweaking other than color I think; I’ve been lucky!

Do you do any design work by hand or is it all on the computer?

 All of the design elements are drawn or painted by hand first in black & white, then scanned & manipulated on the computer from there. I’ve even done actual tie dyes on fabrics & scanned those!

Has your favorite design been released yet?

 That’s like asking me what my favorite color is – haha!  My kids would tell you that I have different favorites on different days depending on my mood.  I loved Seven Seas, though, because Melissa let me have some fun & do something that hadn’t really been done on cloth diapers before.  She took a chance & trusted me to really get creative & kind of wild.  That may be my favorite so far, BUT there’s a close second that hasn’t been released yet, and we’re working on some fun ones right now that may end up being favorites!  It’s an ongoing process, & I love it, so my favorites will probably constantly change just like my favorite color – haha!

The Geo Collection is available at LalabyeBaby.com and at many of our authorized retailers nationwide. Be sure to snag your favorites before they’re gone!



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