Dad’s Favorite Diaper

In 2015 when my family began our cloth diaper journey, we tried many different brands before we found the perfect diaper – Lalabye Baby. As soon as my husband used one, he asked, “What are these, and why are they not all like this?” I had already decided our stash needed to be exclusively Lalabye Baby, but his response sealed the deal.


With Father’s Day approaching, I decided to interview my husband on his thoughts regarding cloth diapers.

Q: What were your thoughts when I told you I wanted to cloth diaper our children?

“My first thought went to cost. I wondered if it was going to pay off to use cloth diapers as opposed to throwing money away every week. After comparing the cost of disposables for three kids to using the same cloth diaper stash for all of them, I quickly realized it was a smart move to save money. I also like that we don’t run out of diapers and aren’t left running to the store.”

Q: What was your biggest fear regarding cloth diapers?

“The poop. I was really questioning on what happens to the poop, but the Spray-Pal really makes it effortless. There isn’t a messy clean up because you just spray it right into the toilet and flush.”

Q: Why is Lalabye Baby your favorite brand of cloth diapers?

“The rainbow belly snaps! They make it so easy to change them while also getting a good fit. I also like that they come with bamboo inserts because you don’t have to worry about leaks as much, and I don’t have to stress over stuffing inserts in the diaper because it is a natural fiber.”

Q: Do you think cloth diapers were an inconvenience?

“No, I don’t think they have inconvenienced us. In fact, it is the opposite: they’re simple and convenient. I originally thought we would have to carry two diaper bags around – one for clean diapers and one for dirty diapers. I was so worried about going out in public with all of that, but the wet bags really make it simple. You can use a Quick Trip as a diaper pod for the clean diapers and another one for the dirty diapers. We also like to keep a Just in Case for diaper creams and our Lalabye Baby changing pad.”

Q: If you could give a new-to-cloth dad any advice, what would it be?

“Don’t freak out. It is simpler than you initially think. Try to help and be supportive because it will take you both a little bit to find your groove.”


Lalabye Baby cloth diapers are dad’s favorite brand because they are Simply Convenient. From the rainbow waist snaps to the bamboo inserts that both come standard with every Lalabye Baby diaper, you can guarantee dad will be on board with cloth diapering. If you are considering cloth diapers for your family, head over to our Facebook group to join a kind, supportive community of moms just like you.

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