Thank You! Thank You!

There are a couple awards we are up for that we would really appreciate your vote. They only take a min or two to do!


Change-Diapers Best of Awards

We are nominated for best print – Doodle Zoo. Feel free to fill us in for any other category. I’ve heard lots of people have filled in into the woods for best exclusive.

Vote Here



Padded Tush Stats 2016 Diaper Awards

We are nominated for Best Pocket Diaper, Best Accessory (our wet/dry bags) and Cloth Diaper of the Year. We have won the past 2 years, can we get your vote and make it 3?!

Vote Here


Thank you for all your votes and support!


One thought on “Thank You! Thank You!

  1. Would love to win a pair of Pomonas. I’ve wanted to try them since we started CD, but we buy all his clothes used for $2-3 per item.


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