Cloth Diaper Savings Plan

Cloth diaper advocates are quick to tout the amazing savings cloth diapering can bring your family if you switch from disposables, but the second most common reason why people do not take the plunge with cloth diapering is the initial cost (the most common reason being not knowing where to start-we’ve got you covered on that in this blog post here).

So, how do you stomach the initial start up cost to cloth diaper?

You save, then buy! Using our Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Savings Plan you can save enough to purchase an entire stash of 24 cloth diapers– enough to successfully diaper your child (and possibly future children) from birth through potty training- in just 12 weeks.

Knowing how much you’ll save in the long run is often a huge motivator to stick to saving up for the initial cost. While it’s important to know that cost savings aren’t the only benefit of cloth diapering, it’s definitely one of the biggest!


Now that you know your goal, here’s how you get there: a little bit at a time! Take a look at your budget and figure out how to “trim the fat” each week for 12 weeks to put away a little at a time until you’ve saved $500.


You don’t have to stick to this plan exactly- you can change it to work for your budget or save more or less on different weeks depending on what comes up in your life. This is just a guideline to show you that you can save for your entire stash in just a few months!

Here are some tips for “trimming the fat” from your budget for the 12 week period:



Save Even More

To get even more bang for your buck, consider purchasing your diapers in bundles of 6 or more to save even more money! With our bulk discount, 6 solid color diapers will only cost you $108- that’s about $432 for a stash of 24 instead of $500! That means you can skip the first two weeks of the plan and achieve your savings goal in less time!

And remember, you don’t have to be without the niceties of life for 2-3 years as you pay for disposables, just 2-3 months as you save for cloth diapers! Plus, once you’ve bought your cloth diapers, they can often be used on consecutive kids-saving you even more money!


Good luck and happy future fluff mail!



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