What is considered a great “bum placement” in the cloth diaper world?!

My dream bum gave me tunnel vision…
When you enter into the cloth community and start to become an addict, bum placement becomes a craze people go crazy for. When the Lalabye Baby print, Birds of a Feather, released, I figured out what my perfect bum would be. I got a diaper with a very different bum than I envisioned. I promptly ordered another with a bum request. The second one was closer to my vision. Weeks later, do you know what I grab most often? The random one. Do you know why? I get to see more of the print. Instead of only focusing on that single bird on the bum and ignoring the rest, I look at all the details laid out in the print. I see the details of the flowers, how each one has a different color layout. I see the little cherry blossom looking blooms. I see designs that coordinate with Sarchí. I see the little circles down the back of the macaw. The sweet swirling stem of the flower the toucan is on. The quetzal with its baby hair fuzz head, but glorious long tail. The whites, the blues, the pinks, the coral.
And that’s just the back…
Every time I put the diaper on I’m greeted by this guy hanging upside down wanting to play. And these toucan tabs that just seal the deal as I secure it on baby. So many elements on the sides and front make it stand out in pictures. I like seeing my kids face or profile. The perfect bum picture takes away my kids perfect face.

So yea, my ideal bum would be great, but I assure you I would not have spent nearly as much time appreciating the rest of the design elements. So maybe next time, before you go in great pursuit of a specific bum, just let it go. Wait in anticipation of what will arrive. Maybe it’s not the bum you thought was best, but maybe the front brings a smile to your face, maybe the side looks incredible in pictures, maybe the top rim is perfect when pants sag a little bit. And maybe you will take in the diaper as a whole, the print as a whole and the design as a whole and love it. And maybe you buy an extra one, just to make sure you get to see it all!

This post was written by #lalabyemama Kim S.  Thanks Kim for the great perspective!

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