Packing A Diaper Bag For 2 Under 2

 Today’s post was written by guest author and fellow #LalabyeMama Emily! Thanks, Emily!

 When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, I had just gotten used to being a mother. I was 12 weeks pp when I found out I was already one month pregnant. My first thought was there is no way I can do this.

Months passed, and I finally came to terms, and I was so excited to get my first bag packed for two. I went and purchased the largest diaper bag I could find  ( Jujube Be Prepared.)  I am out of the house most of my day with the kids, so I needed to make sure I basically have the house, right? Boy, was I wrong.

When my son got here, I found myself over packing and getting lost in the clutter of my diaper bag. I already had two babies ( 11.5 month old daughter and my newborn) to carry with me everywhere; I realized that I simply needed to only carry what I NEEDED, and I needed to fight the urge to over-pack. After a few months, and several diaper bags later, I feel confident in my day-to-day diaper bag organization.

What I changed:

I try and keep a little backpack in the car with the babies’ blankets and toys. I used to carry those with me everywhere, but I really don’t need them at all times.

I used to keep extra clothes and shoes in the diaper bag, too. If I know I am going somewhere where having the babies wear just a t-shirt and a Lalabye diaper isn’t appropriate, I keep that extra outfit/dress/pants/shoes in my car bag instead.

Less is more. These babies keep me on my toes ALL day, I don’t need a heavy bag weighing me down.


I do modify to fit my day-to-day needs, but here are the common contents of my diaper bag for my two babies under two years old:

Things I Carry

6 Lalabye Baby one size diapers shells and 10 sets of inserts

1 Grab and Go wetbag  or a Quick Trip wetbag ( depends on activities and length of time out of the house for that day)

1 Wipouch (filled with one pack of presoaked grovia cloth wipes)

A large travel case (Jujube) for organizing:

Baby hair brush

Disposable placemats

Saline solution

Nose Frida

Boogie wipes

Tylenol/Motrin w/ medicine syringe


***First Aid contents depend health of the babies, but I do like to be prepared.

Medium to large size travel case (Jujube for us) containing a onesie/t-Shirt  for each baby (*I used to pack entire outfits, but I never ended up using them. Plus, who wants to cover up that adorable fluff butt any way?!*)


A pouch of snacks (container for snacks varies between a medium Jujube set piece to even a Quick Trip wet bag)

A small travel case/ wallet with my ID and other essentials (like my money and the insurance cards for myself and the kids, etc.)


1 bottle of premade toddler formula

1  sippy cup

1 bottle

 My Diaper Bag of Choice:


I have gone through quite a few diaper bags and now have an extensive collection. I needed a baby wearing friendly bag, as well as something that was easy to manage. I found that my Jujube BFF is large enough for my needs and small enough to help me fight the urge of over-packing. It has an awesome mommy pocket (front pocket) where I keep my keys and coin purse and occasionally my small make-up pouch if I’m feeling fashionably ambitious. I keep my wallet in the small zip pocket in the front. The back has a slit with a changing pad, which is easy to slide out when needed and doesn’t take up extra room inside the main packing space of the bag. It is the first bag I reach for. I recently bought a Fawn Design bag, and it is a close runner up, but it packs very differently.



I use my diapers as all-in-twos (AI2s) and I roll up my covers (as seen above) so that they take up less space. This helps me maximize room and keeps me organized.

First, I lay my inserts in the bottom of the bag. (I feel like this bag was made for this purpose- look at that fit!)


Then, I place my rolled covers on top.


Next, I place my large sized pouch with my miscellaneous first aid supplies.


In the inside organizer, I place my Quick Trip wetbag rolled up in the interior bottle pocket. Sometimes, I add snacks or water in the interior bottle pockets.


As you can see in the above photo on the right hand side, I place the medium pouch with the kids’ extra onsies/shirts vertically; this way I don’t take up any extra space that I could use later.

Next comes my snack pouch and/or Wipouch.  I store my pre-soaked cloth wipes in my reusable wipes pouch, but you can use it for disposable wipes as well. I love that it keeps them wet even if I pack it a few days ahead.


Voila! I still have room for a pouch of snacks, or even a rolled up blanket.

There is no set way on how to pack a diaper bag, and it takes time to figure out your perfect everyday bag, especially if you have two babies in cloth, but it is not impossible.

Once I get my diaper bag packed and ready to go, I feel unstoppable.

I almost quit at one point because no bag was working for me. I realized it is all about how you organize within the bag to avoid chaos and having to dig for things. Folding, using inner compartments of the bag, using travel pouches or wet bags or even travel sets like the ones from Jujube or Travelon Cubes- whatever speaks to you and works best for you, use it! However you pack- under, over, or just throw your diapers in a wet bag- cloth for 2 under 2 is possible: possible and so, so worth it!


12 thoughts on “Packing A Diaper Bag For 2 Under 2

  1. I have 3 under 3 in diapers. I carry even less in the diaper bag now! 3-5 diapers, a wet bag and wipes. Change of clothes, extra diapers, bibs, hats…it stays in the car. The only exception is if we’re visiting a zoo or some longer “away from the car” event. If I’m just running in and out of a store, I might even leave the diaper bag in the car.


  2. I have 3 under 3 in diapers. I carry even less in the diaper bag now! 3-5 diapers, a wet bag and wipes. Change of clothes, extra diapers, bibs, hats…it stays in the car. The only exception is if we’re visiting a zoo or some longer “away from the car” event. If I’m just running in and out of a store, I might even leave the diaper bag in the car.


  3. I’m expecting my first baby and I found your post to have a lot of good information as I plan what to put in my diaper bag and how it will change with my needs and as I have more children. Thank you for sharing!


  4. I’m a ftm due in a couple of weeks and was literally just thinking to myself that I have zero idea what to pack in a diaper bag! So glad I found this! 😂


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