What’s New?!

Lalabye Baby is kicking off their second exclusive print of the summer with a blue and green frog themed diaper.



The green snaps may be familiar to you veteran users of Lalabye Baby- they’re the same green snaps we featured on our EIEIO print back in the day.



The diaper features tropical smiling frogs and greenery like hostas and palm fronds in an image tossed design (just like Birds of a Feather), made to make each print unique and beautiful.


You can also find our exclusive signature in each print! Have you found it yet?


Costa Rica’s diverse landscapes are home to 133 species of frogs, but one of the most recognized species is the tree frog.


With sticky pads on his feet, he sleeps stuck to the underside of leaves and spends nearly his entire life in the treetops, hence all the beautiful greenery on the diaper!



Another fun fact: this frog doesn’t go “ribbit” he actually makes a weak “cluck” sound! He’s also just a little heavier than a penny and a little shorter than a teaspoon! You can find this little guy hopping around on our newest exclusive print.



Just like with Birds of a Feather and Harold’s Purple Crayon, we are giving our customers a chance to name it to win it! So what should we name this tropical amphibious print? Be sure to comment on the name suggestion thread in our reveal event on Facebook for your chance to win!

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Don’t stop to smell the water-lillies; this print is exclusive and limited! Be sure to catch one before they all hop away!


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