Growing With Lalabye (Sticky Bellies Giveaway!)

When parents decide to cloth diaper, they look at the cost savings and the positive environmental impact and the health benefits, but they often don’t realize the bonus to choosing cloth diapers: they’re extremely photogenic.

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Even if you don’t cloth diaper all the time, every mom should own at least one cloth diaper for photo purposes (after all, our cloth diapers fit from birth to potty training).

There’s a reason newborns photos are taken either completely sans clothes or covered up: disposables are not pretty. Cloth diapers, on the other hand, can actually add to the beauty of a photo. They’re easily paired with outfits or themes, and if you use cloth diapers in your child’s monthly growth photos, you canย  see the diaper settings change to reflect growth as well!

Our Aloe Tree Sticky Bellies monthly stickers looked so cute in month 2 with Doodle Zoo!

Thanks to the ease of using our phones as cameras, documenting the growth of our babies has never been easier. Thanks to Sticky Bellies, capturing those monthly milestones in aย  beautiful and unique way is too!


Sticky Bellies is a small business owned and run by mompreneur Carly Dorogi. Her dream was to provide a way for us craft-incapable moms to make adorable monthly milestone onesies or t-shirts simply by adding a sticker to our kid’s outfits. No sew, no problem!


She’s also expanded her product line to include brag blocks- similar concept, but with blocks instead of stickers.


Check out her great tips on how to get the best monthly photos possible.

To win a $25 gift certificate to Sticky Bellies AND a $25 gift card to Lalabye Baby enter the giveaway by clicking the link to the Rafflecopter below and completing the entries!

Enter The Giveaway Here!

Good luck! Winner will be announced next Thursday February 2, 2017.

Our little Lalabye Baby fans love showing off their cute fluffy bottoms each month, and your kiddo should too! (Thanks for sharing your photos with us, ladies!)

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25 thoughts on “Growing With Lalabye (Sticky Bellies Giveaway!)

  1. Next baby going to do picture every month with same diaper! I didnt get any stickers for my baby girl now but would like to for next babe.


  2. Looking to add to our family soon and would love to win! Can’t have too many Lalabyes (though my husband might disagree, LOL!)


  3. Would love to win! With #1 near the end of the diaper days discovered lalabyes were our fav, hoping to build more of our stash of lalas for #2 on the way!


  4. Just started prepping my Lalabyes for little man. (He’s due in March but my doctor encouraged me to make sure the fluff was ready, like a good doctor does.) It’s wrong to try to coordinate my pet hedgehogs to match Into the Woods for a photo with the baby, right?


  5. I love Stickybelly new blocks! You can use them for pictures but it’s lovely you can double it as room decor on a shelf in baby’s room!


  6. I love the monthly photos! I do something similar but I use a different diaper each month. My daughter is 6 months now and would love to do stickers for my next babe.


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