Storing Your Stash

One of the perks of cloth diapering is being able to display the beautiful stash of diapers you have for baby. Since everyone has different space and cost limitations, we’ve seen lots of creative ways to do this.

The beginning of my Lalabye Baby stash fit in half a mini-cube organizer shelf.

I know when my baby was little, we had two diapering stations in the house: one in his room on the second floor and one on the main floor set up in a pack’n’play changer in the living room. This made life so much easier as long as I kept both set-ups stocked with what we needed: diapers, wipes, pail liners, etc. Downstairs, I didn’t want to put up a shelf on the wall for them when I knew we wouldn’t use it forever (we ditched the downstairs changer when he got too big for it around 6 months), and I had filled the top of the pack’n’play with burp rags and extra clothes, so there was no room there either. Solution: I bought a Steralite drawer cart and filled it with diapers. This worked out great for us because I always stuffed or folded diapers downstairs (where our washer and dryer is) and could just pop a few in the drawers and our diaper bag before taking the rest upstairs. When we eliminated our downstairs changing area, I just moved the Sterlite cart to the corner and filled it with bibs, wipes, and other emergency toddler supplies.

Upstairs, I bought some Closet Maid Mini-Cube Organizers and hung them on the wall. I can fit five diapers per cube (sometimes 6 if I squeeze them in), and I love being able to display the beautiful diapers in his nursery for guests to see (and ask questions about- spreading the cloth gospel when I can)! With my next baby (arriving in August), since all my one-size diapers are already on display, I’m going to put up another Closet Maid Mini-Cube Organizer and put the newborn diapers there, but when he was little, I had his newborn diapers in the top drawer of his dresser, which we used as a changing table.

Our basic set up in the nursery: Closet Maid Mini-Cube Organizer shelves, IKEA shelf and bins.

Check out these other awesome stash storage options from our Lalabye fans in our Facebook chat group!

Tara’s son Asa has a Star Wars themed room that he’ll soon be sharing with his little sister Imogen (due in July), so her stash gets to be stored in style in a mini-cube organizer that is also bedecked with Star Wars memorabilia!


Alicia stores their stash in three mini-cube organizer shelves put together to create additional bi-level shelving on top for her Disney figurines and stuffed animals!


Megan stores her girls’ diapers in mini-cube organizers as well but has hers displayed in a horizontal line. She stores her wool pieces on wall-mounted drying racks beneath.


Heather’s stash has evolved from fitting on a DVD shelf…


…to filling a few mini-cube shelving units! Plus, check out the cute mini box bins in some of the cube spaces where she can store other diapering supplies!


Maria uses two crates mounted to the wall to store her kiddo’s stash and keep her essential oils and oil diffuser out of reach! Her hubby bought them at Home Depot and stained them for her before mounting them on the wall. Cost effective and shabby chic! Way to go, Lalabye Dad!


Alexis and Tina store their Lalabyes in drawers by baby’s changing station. Tina recommends putting shelf paper (contact paper) in the drawer first to reduce the risk of snags from splintered wood or drawer hardware.




Yvette and Erin also use the drawers of their changing tables/dressers to store their diapers as well. Yvette even stores her diapers in bins within the drawers to keep them tidy, and Erin has neat drawers with clear fronts to show of the stunning colors of her Lalas!





Holly simply stacks her kiddo’s stash on the shelf of the changing table!


Stephanie and Jackie both store their Lalas in baskets/canvas bins on a shelf/dresser in baby’s room. Stephanie loves the canvas organizer bins she found at Target (as seen below) because one bin holds 16 diapers!




Shianne and Sarah store their Lalas in tote-able boxes/bins as well so that they can carry them from room to room as needed! Shianne says her set up makes traveling on trips with cloth easy too- they just grab the bin and go!


Sarah uses an IKEA cart so that she can wheel her stash from room to room! She said she also keeps wipe solution, cloth wipes, and rash cream on the bottom shelf for quick and easy access for diaper changes.


Charlotte stores her stash in a space saving vertical hanging shoe organizer. Plus, she confides, “Turns out shoe racks are exactly one diaper across and two deep in case you need to hide a recent purchase 😉 !”


Lynn stores her diapers in a laundry basket! Easy to tote around when needed and easy to store in her laundry room on the wooden rack her husband made for her! Again, way to go Lalabye Dad!



Kristen T. reveals how most of our stashes live a good portion of the time: in a pile, in a basket, or on the couch waiting to be stuffed/snapped and put away…


… when our babies haven’t taken over the containers where they go, that is! At least when we live out of the laundry pile or basket it’s easy to grab an insert, grab a shell, and assemble as we go!


No matter how you store your stash, we love seeing those beautiful diapers on Stash Shot Sunday over on our Facebook chat page. So be sure to join us and share your current #sss or #stashshotsunday each week! We love watching your stashes grow and change as new diapers have been released!


*For tips regarding how to store your cloth diapers between children or for longer term,  check out our post on taking care of your investment of cloth diapers.*

10 thoughts on “Storing Your Stash

  1. I just love the wall displays of lalabye! We currently have ours in drawers, but I definitely need some cubby’s so we can display ours.


  2. So many great ideas! The mini cubes are still my favorite. I really need a better storage solution for my son’s diapers, and I think the mini cubes will be perfect.


  3. I love all the different ways people store their diapers! I especially love the laundry basket holder design! It just makes sense!


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